Sunday, June 18, 2006

Astrological Eye For The Regular Guy

Astrological Eye For The Regular Guy

8:59 AM 06/18/2006 Sun

Since today is Father's Day, I thought to devote today's series of essays to guy themes.

Everyone has either heard of and/or seen the popular TV show, "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy". The premise is that a bunch of over the top gay men, help their lesser coiffed hetero brothers transformed from their previously knuckledragging unkempt state, into a new era of cleanliness, ettiquette, style and flair. It's but one of dozens of "reality TV" shows out there on the media landscape, and one that was always curious to me. I mean, what if there was a show where the "reformers" where White folks from the burbs and "the great unwashed" were from the hood, would that go over as well? What about blue-blood WASPS trying to de-ethnicize Jews, or folks of Slavic descent (a real question nowadays, as fierce debate regarding the Mexican immigration explosion and the Spanish language they bring with them rages on)? And of course, God help anyone if the premise of "Queer Eye" was reversed, and the flaming gay guys are on the receiving end of the reforming stick.

While some see the de-emphasizing of men, and by extension, dads (the hidden part of the whole Marriage Debate), as an essentianly necessary evil in the grand experiment to realize true equality between the sexes, others see it is a real problem in society that doesn't seem to be reversing in any demonstrable way. Among those who see it this way are scholars James Q Wilson of Havard (I think) and Lionel Tiger of Rutgers; even Andrew Hacker, of Queens College, sees significant problems on the horizon between the sexes in these and other spheres. In particular, Tiger suggested, about the "Queer Eye" show, that it should really be called "Cheap Shots on the Regular Guy" because the premise is one that is patently offensive to men, and one that would not be tolerated in today's world on the handicapped, or women or gays/lesbians, and so on.

When you think about it, he has a point.

Lest you think that Astrology, and by extension, us astrologers, are above the fray, as it were, think again - we too, have been infected with the "Queer Eye" syndrome, in the sense that we either ignore the role Astrology plays for men outright (often on the premise that it's always been for men, etc.), and/or, we think that Astrology's main role is to "reform" the knuckledraggers and bring them along, kicking and screaming, into the sort of enlightenment Oprah would be proud of.

For many years, I've read astrological books and listened to astrologers talk and seen astrological confabs and the like, and more and more, the "Queer Eye" thing is more and more apparent. No one ever even thinks to ask the question, if Astrology can indeed speak to the interests and needs of the male population, particularly at this point in time of our history. I emphatically say "yes!" it can - if, as always, one knows what to look for.

So, how can Astrology be used for the Regular Guy? Well, for starters, it's important to understand the Male Mind - and to do that, we need only to look at one of Male's biggest pastimes - Sports. Why does sports hold such fascination for men and boys, the World over, alike? If you think it's all about machismo or testosterone, think again - those are important factors, but not the only ones. The main reason why Sports has huge appeal is because it occurs in real time - and the rules are clear (the Rule of Law). You either make a touchdown, or you don't. You either make a basket, or you don't. There's no seminar necessary to discuss the intracacies of freethrows, or how one's feelings should be taken into consideration on the gridiron. Folks aren't chosen because they're nice guys and help little old ladies accross the street - you make the squad because you can do the job, and do it better than anyone else available. Period.

Competition is fiercely important for the male species, as is hierarchy; there are two major reasons for this. One, is because competition forces good ideas and strategies to the surface, and shows those that suck the front door. In Sports, winning teams are confirmed time and again by testing themselves against other teams. As for hierarchy, well, most men know, even if they can't articulate it as such, that there is an order to things, all things, and that in that pecking order are the most important to the least important. That's just the way it is. The more a man can do, the stronger and better his skillset, if you will, the more important he becomes among other men. This is the system upon which sports teams, the military, the corporate world, are built upon. This is why Donovan McNabb, for example, is more important to the Eagles than Corey Simon; McNabb can do more and is therefore, more valuable to the Eagles organization, than is Simon - which is explains why Simon is no longer a part of the team and why McNabb is the 100-plus Million Dollar Man.

If you haven't seen it by now, clear lines of demarcation between better and worst, winning and losing, are very important to the Male Mind. So the idea that is so prevalent in our Astrology today, that it doesn't really matter about being specific and so on, are huge turnoffs to most men outside of the new-age movement.

So, for Astrology to work for the Regular Guy, it has to be based on things and methods that actually get results that can be confirmed in the real world. That means, areas of Astrology that have really fallen out of favor among the rank and file, like Horary, Electional, Mundane, Financial and most importantly, Predictive Astrology. The more accurate - and practical (in other words, getting right to the point in terse, plain language) the astrologer can be with the average guy, the better job he/she will do, the better a representative of/for Astrology they will be, and it gives a much better chance that regular guys will see the efficacy of Astrology, beyond being "chick" stuff.

Take for example, the World Cup, which as many of us know, is definitely a Guy Thing. Now, what if we could astrologically handicap the matches for a rabid "football" fan? Recently, Oscar "Golden Boy" De La Hoya made a successful comeback by beating Mayorga - by way of knockout! De La Hoya wasn't chosen to be the favorite in that fight. Could Astrology have predicted the upset, beforehand?

Although a lot of guys on the dating scene won't openly admit it, they would love any chance to improve their chances of scoring with the ladies. Could Astrology weed out the gals who would prove to be a good time, from those who would be a wet blanket? One of the ways I get regular guys interested in Astrology is by getting them to give me the birthdates of the gals they plan to go out with; on that basis, I can tell them which ones to go ahead with, and which ones to show the front door.

Years ago, my best friend and fellow astrologer Zam asked me to look into the Vedic chart of a young lady he had met online; they were due to hookup downtown on a date and see where things go from there. As soon as her chart came up on the screen, I could see she had what is known as "Matibrahamana Yoga" - a combination where the Mental Planets, the Moon and Mercury, are BOTH impacted by Malefics. On the basis of this, I told Zam, "girlfriend's a headcase, drop her". Well, it was too late - they already had the date planned.

A few days later, Zam let me know that they met downtown alright - and about 15 minutes into the date, girlfriend just snapped out on Zam, going ballistic. Now, such a thing might not make that much difference to me, with all my Fire and a kickass Mars, but for a guy like Zam, who has a million planets in Virgo and Libra, it's a HUGE turnoff.

Picking up on that point above, pointing out to a guy why he likes what he likes, in astrological terms, can be a huge help. Take my chart for example - I have Venus in Capricorn and the Moon in Taurus; Venus rises in the Asc, and the Moon rules the 7th. Bingo!-I'm a guy that goes for gals with some meat on their bones, who are more traditional, and can really let it loose behind closed doors. It would be an utter waste of time for me to hang around ladies with all kinds of Aquarian or Aries planetary energy jumping off the walls. Now, if I knew that back in my late teens and 20s, I could have saved myself a lot of time, money and emotions spinning my wheels with gals who were fundamentally unsuited for me. The Moon and Venus, for any man, reveals some strong clues as to what kind of women turns him on, and what he expects from a woman over the longhaul.

One of my favorite ways to prove Astrology's efficacy to guys is by simply using the Moon's Phases; I tell them that if they want a damn-near surefire roll in the hay with a date, to make their move on the Full Moon - most women will be with it. All the better if there are Sexual Aspects forming in the sky around the same time. I just give them the dates and tell them that if they don't work, they've lost nothing (I don't charge them); but if they improve their chances, then we can talk about being a more permanent "client" (I don't have a pro-practice as it were). Hey, let's face it, dates these days don't come cheap - and contrary to all of the equality rap we all hear, most women (which include feminists) still expect the man to pay for a night out. A regular night out at the movies (and dinner, etc.) can cost as much as $100 or more, a small fortune for a working class guy - and there are few if any guys who are really cool with just a handshake at the end of the night, especially if girlfriend wasn't really the bomb. You want some assurances that you're just not throwing your moola down the crapper, you know what I mean? You want a reasonable chance of a good return on your investment.

What about Politics? Like sports, politics is an area where Predictive Astrology can once again, prove itself useful and relevant, in a straightforward, no nonsense manner. Most guys are into politics, and would like to know which candidates, or for that matter, parties, are likely to win elections. Take the New Orleans' Mayor's Race, which I wrote about (and you can see on my blog, May 2006 entry) - after what Katrina did to the Big Easy, no one could have predicted that Nagin would win a 2nd term, especially against someone from the Landrieu Clan. Yet, Nagin easily won against Mitch Landrieu, and it was easy to see why when one looks at their respective birthdates. And we can do the same thing with the Markets. Right now, for example, the Jupiter-Neptune square has been strong, (at present, it's not in orb, but has been earlier this year, and will again later this year), and Jupiter-Neptune combinations usually correlate with a rise in the Markets. Also, Jupiter and Pluto are in Mutual Reception, another Market-related factor that points to good times. Now, with the upcoming Saturn-Neptune Opposition, we could let a guy know, who has maybe money in the markets, to perhaps avoid going heavy on those stocks and the like that are represented by Saturn or Neptune, like construction or medicine, for the duration of said opposition. Do you think a guy, who has money tied up in the Markets, might be interested in such information?


Do you see what I mean here, how Astrology CAN indeed speaks to the regular guy's interests and needs, without recourse to all of the psychobabble that's so popular in both our Time and Astrology? Astrologers need to be more in tune with the rest of how the world thinks and acts, not just those who are in the choir, so to speak. Yes, Astrology can work for the Regular Guy - if astrologers are willing to honor guys, as just that - guys.



Blogger Roderick said...

Dude you have some serious issues. You go to other astrologers' blogs to argue with them because you believe that their political views interfere with their analyses.

You are the typical conservative--you think that you are make clear-headed observations while liberals like me make decisions based on emotions.

I guess the number of posts you have on your blog should tell you how 'popular' your arrogance is.

8:07 AM  
Blogger Mu'Min M. Bey said...

Hi Rod,

Thanks for your comments, left-handed though they may be.

You're right, I do argue with fellow astrolgoers, it's always been my position that we don't argue enough; peer review, debate and so on, are alien concepts in the astrological ranks. Sad to say these days.

As to why I the blog doesn't get more posters - well, YOu posted - didn't ya?


2:10 PM  
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