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Hillary Rodham Clinton: America's "Iron Lady"?

Hillary Rodham Clinton: America's "Iron Lady"?

10:10 AM 01/28/2007 Sun

NEW YORK - With the announcement of her forming an presidential exploratory commitee via her website last Saturday, Senator Hillary Clinton has done what was long expected by the entire nation, and thrown her hat into the 2008 Presidential Election ring. While pundits have suggested that Hillary had planned to sit back and announce later in the Spring - hoping that the other players in the field would deplete their finances in an effort to jockey for position - clearly, Barack Obama's announcement earlier this month forced Clinton's hand. Whether this was a calculated move on Obama's part, or just mere bad timing on Hillary's, there is nothing more dangerous than a Scorpion backed up against a wall - especially a female one. As her horoscope clearly shows, Clinton is the real deal - but will it be enough to get her clear of the Primaries?
Hillary Rodham Clinton Oct 26 1947 8AM CST Chicago Il; Placidus 21 Sco 43, Rodden. It must be noted that there has been considerable confusion regarding Clinton's birthtime, with many options offered; the one selected above is the one I feel most fits the life and times of Clinton, and I respect the views of others who might disagree.

It seems that quite a few prominent female politicos were born under the Sign of the Scorpion: Margaret Thatcher, dubbed "The Iron Lady" by the Soviets, became England's first female Prime Minister; Indira Ghandi, daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru, became the world's largest democracy's first female Prime Minister in India; and Condoloeeza Rice, while not being an elected official, has nonetheless achieved prominence by becoming America's first African American female National Security Advisor to President George W. Bush, and then went on to become the nation's second ever woman Secretary of State (and second African American to hold the post, following after General Colin Powell). Like Hillary, all of these women were seen as somewhat cold and calculating, with the ability to damage their political opponents. As we'll see below, Clinton's horoscope also reflects the Scorpionic power to gather up power and resources, to control events to a large degree, and to damage her opponents. But if she's not careful, she may very well end up hurting herself, a self-inflicted sting if you will.

Hillary's chart shows a tremendous degree of ambition, power and focus - note the Scorpio Asc, Sun, Venus and Mercury, with the Sun and Pluto, the Asc ruler, in Mutual Reception, and the Sun itself Peregrine (Tyl). Saturn itself square the Asc, and Pluto, again the Asc ruler, is exactly conjunct Mars in the 9th House (foreign lands), which accounts in large part for her staunch support for the War in Iraq, and the exact square between Mercury in the 12th and Saturn shows Clinton to be a very shrewd and calculating thinker, one who keeps her own counsel and ideas close to the vest, so to speak. Jupiter rises in Sagittarius, and is Peregrine (Tyl) and like her husband Bill, Hillary is quite "up" on the issues, with a keen interest in information and learning, and this among other things is what puts her above the other two major Democratic candidates seeking the nomination in 08. And note again, the role of Mars, the "killer instinct" one needs to vie for High Offices such as President, in conjunction with the chart ruler Pluto; recall my comments regarding Obama, and his decided lack of Martian "ummph". Even Bill Clinton, Hillary's husband and former President, had Mars rising in his chart. The Martian Factor will prove in my view, quite important as the Race wears on.

HOWEVER, Hillary has, as we all know quite well, some serious "downsides" - she's considered by many to be a Leftist-Liberal ideologue, an Angry Feminist, Bra-Burning Throwback to the 60s, and a woman who is just too "uppity" for many American's tastes and sensibilities, rightly or not - note the cold reaction in many quarters to her website announcement, many saying that it looked too scripted, with Hillary sitting on a very puffy couch with soft lighting and so on. And, of course, there's the 500 pound gorilla - Bill Clinton, who for so many in the United States, continues to be an extraordinarily divisive figure in American politics. This, on top of Obama's entrance into the Presidential race, makes Hillary look like "the establishment" candidate, despite the fact that she's the first woman candidate with a real chance to win the White House. All of this is seen in Clinton's horoscope, by first noting the Moon in Pisces in square to Uranus in Gemini (radical ideological perception by the public), the Scorpio emphasis concentrated on the 12th House (inscrutability), the Saturn involvement with regard to the Asc (cold ambitious motives as perceived by the public), and again, the involvement of Mars with regard to the Asc ruling Pluto (more drive and power, again as perceived by the public). We also have to note that Mercury is Rx, and in Scorpio and so close to the Asc, Hillary really has to watch making the kind of statements that will only turn her off to the public, like the one she made back in the Clinton Era, about how perhaps she should be home making cookies instead of helping her husband make policy in the White House.

And, there's one other, very important factor to consider, which could prove a real problem for Hillary - she has no Earth in her horoscope. As we've seen so many times before, a chart with a decided absence of a particular element in a chart can suggest an inability to be effective in that particular area. In Clinton's case, the lack of Earth manifests as not being practical or grounded; this really came to the forefront back during the Clinton years, when she, along with her husband Bill Clinton, attempted to socialize the healthcare system (and which Hillary has announced she will try again should she win the White House in 08). She is a woman of many ideas and talents, but with no real way to actualize them. This has to be a source of great frustration for her, on top of the way she is perceived by a siginficant portion of the American population (which, occuring to opinion polls, some 40% or better have decided against her in 08).
On top of this, Hillary's chart is also rich in the Water element, with the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, and Asc all in Water Signs, indicating not only strong emotional reactions to her environment, but so too, strong idealistic notions. The potential saving grace is the Saturn to Mercury and Asc squares, which could serve as a compensating factor, but usually, an overabundance of one element and a decided lack of another in a horoscope almost always means that the person is themself "unbalanced" in some way, and if left to its own devices is something that's very apparent to others and can serve to sabotage the native's goals and objectives along the lines of the aforementioned factors. As the Presidential Race wears on, there is a very strong chance that Hillary's weaknesses in this way can become manifest unless she takes considerable steps to counteract it.

At this point it is useful to consider the Synastry between Hillary and Bill Clinton. For years, speculation has run rampant both inside the astrological community and without, as to the "true" nature of the association between the Clintons, whether it's a marriage of political convenience and so on. Surely, such speculation has to do with Bill's notorious womanizing, and Hillary's strong ambitions, giving the appearance that they are fundamentally unsuited for each other. But, and this is very important for astrologers to consider, Marriage as we know it today is a very recent phenomenon when compared to the totality of its history. Most people down through the Ages married for reasons other than love, and this was certainly true among the upper classes and Royalty, etc. "Power marriages" occured all the time, and even today, around the world, they still do.

In our astrology, Saturn is the Planet of Marriage, no matter what station of life one falls into, for it is the planet of commitment and limitation, of "getting down to business" and the day to day realities of marital life after the vows are taken and the wedding night is over. Therefore, for any couple to have a shot at a longterm marriage, it is important that Saturnian cross contacts are seen in the Synastry, and this is what we definitely see in the Clintons - note straight away the exact square between Bill's Saturn to Hillary's Sun, while Hillary's Saturn sits on Bill's Sun. In that Saturn plays such an important role in both their charts, and the fact that such mutual contacts are somewhat rare in a study of Marital Synastry, there does seem to be something to be said for the very real possibility that their marriage could have been done with at least *some* political goals in mind.

But that's only part of the story - at least as important in the Synastry of the Clintons is the role that the planets of Love, physical and emotional/spiritual, play. Venus and Neptune are these planets, and usually, strong cross contacts between the charts give clues as to how much the couple are attracted to each other and will love one another through the years. Note how both Bill and Hillary have Venus highlighted in the charts, in both cases in or near the Asc - and note also how Neptune is at the Sun/Moon midpoint IN BOTH CHARTS!!! THIS is the "nebulous" nature of their marriage to onlookers, the "what is it they see in each other?" vibe they put off. But the love is no doubt, there. Hillary's Neptune exactly conjuncts Bill's Venus, while also conjunct his Mars, Neptune and all-important Asc - all in Libra. Doesn't get more "lovey-dovey" than that. We can also note that Bill's Moon opposes Hillary's Asc, and Bill's 7th House ruler Mars, fits with Hillary's Pluto-Mars conjunction (recall comments on this point made earlier) - an ambitious, or otherwise, "Martian" spouse? Yea, it all fits.

Taking a step back and eyeballing their charts individually, one would get the impression that they have little in common, but upon closer inspection that is not the case. Note how while Hillary's chart has a lack of Earth and Air, her hubbie does not (Moon in Taurus, a million planets in Libra, Uranus in Gemini, etc.); Hillary has an Air Planet Mercury rising in her chart; both have Jupiter rising; Bill has Neptune, a Water Planet, rising, and more. All of these factors play considerably into their Synastry, and goes a long way toward explaining why they're still together all these years.

But the serious fly in the ointment is the lies in the sexual dimensions of their union, as we all know. Again, a quick look at the charts of the Clintons explains why - Bill has a tremendous amount of Sexual Aspects in Venus in Libra conjunct Mars in the Asc, and with Venus in exact sextile to Pluto; Uranus, ruler of his 5th House, is trine Jupiter, sextile the Sun and under no stress at all (Uranus considered by the Magis a Male Sexual Planet, along with Pluto, and both are in declinational aspect in Bill's chart). On the other hand, while Hillary has Venus in Scorpio and square the Mars-Pluto conjunction, note also that Venus is in the 12th House and square Saturn - a key consideration for a woman. With the involvement with the 9th House (where Saturn is placed, along with Mars and Pluto; Mars rules the 5th) we can speculate that Hillary either might have had trouble "getting freaky" in the way Bill wanted it due to religious/ethical reasons, was simply unwilling to "go there", or wasn't able to satiate Bill's voracious sexual appetite. With Bill having such strong sexual astrology in his chart, and in both his and Hillary's cases Neptune being so prominent, we see the infidelity on Bill's part, along with other potential "secrets" regarding their marriage. And with Hillary's strong Scorpionic accents in her chart, along with quite a strong Saturn placement and aspects, we can see how the public views her a calculating woman, holding on to Bill despite her being humiliated before the world during the "Monicagate" affair, among other liasons Bill was known to have. All of this is hugely important to consider, because Bill Clinton is both Hillary's largest asset due to his strong ties to the African American community and ability to attract large donors and other forms of support, and her biggest liability, precisely because of his womanizing ways and the rancor his lack of moral character still causes. If he can get a handle on this behavior, it'll go a ways towards putting the focus on Hillary's run for the White House; if not, it can derail it.

Clearly, the issue in 08 will be Iraq, and here Hillary finds herself in a very delicate spot. Her advocacy of the war and the troops early on held her in good stead, but now with the war being deeply unpopular, anyone connected thereto is also likely to have a rough time of it in the next year so running up to the elections. And although Hillary clearly has more money than Obama, she still needs to shore up support from the Black Community, whose votes she will need bigtime in order to mount an effective campaign. What does 2007 hold for Mrs. Clinton?
Just a quick glance at the transits tell the story - not only is Clinton in the midst of her 2nd Saturn Return - a key period in the lives of politicians - but so too, is she under the cloud of a Neptune transit, in square to her Asc and Mercury, and opposed her natal Saturn position all year long. Transit Saturn will also square her Mercury this year, and this, along with Neptune's role, as well as Mercury and the 3rd House, all point to Hillary possibly getting herself into some serious trouble either making gaffes and/or some kind of rumor/secret tumbling out of the closet that she didn't want exposed to the light of day. Neptune is the Planet of Scandal for politicians, and if anyone should know what that's all about, it's the Clintons.

Additionally, we can note four specific time periods that augur real challenges for Clinton this year: Apr with SA MC=Saturn/Pluto; Jul, with SA Sun=Mars/Saturn; Oct, with SA MC=Uranus/Neptune, and Dec with SA Sun=Saturn/Pluto. All of these measurements suggest extreme levels of discomfort, duress, setback, loss. Although Clinton is the unofficial frontrunner for now, it is by no means a lock.

Mu's Prediction: At this early juncture in the campaign, more events will have to transpire before we can go further. But what we know now is this - there seems to be rumors that Bill's up to his old tricks again, despite getting help for his sex addiction. Another affair on his part, brought out into public view could all but destroy any chance Hillary could have for becoming President of the United States. Additionally, Hillary has to walk an extremely fine line with respect to the War in Iraq, something that will become harder and harder to do as the year wears on, as both Obama and Edwards press their claims for being anti-war from the get-go. And then there's the "social issues" like Abortion and Gay Marriage, still very much in play, that threaten to rear their heads and force Hillary into a very real corner - somehow she'll need to hang on to both the Single Woman and Gay/Lesbian Vote, while at the same time, appealing to the Moderate American Vote, who seems to favor limiting Abortion, and putting the stops on Gay Marriage. Her best bet is to use Bill as sparingly as possible on the campaign, reserving him for stumping in the Black Community and her high level donor meetings and the like, but as noted above, the Fall of 2007 looks especially challenging, due to the aforementioned factors, although the better part of the year overall isn't rosy by all means. She will need to be extra, extra careful before the press, but doing this can also present the picture of her again being too scripted and controlling. It's a tough, rough spot for her to be in, and it's hard to see how it'll get easier over the course of the year. Nonetheless, Hillary Rodham Clinton is a force to be reckoned with, has proven herself to be a careful planner, and has put herself closer to the White House than any woman before her. She could indeed become America's Iron Lady - God help us.

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