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A Question Of "Street Cred": Obama's Difficult Dance With Duality

9:42 AM 02/04/2007 Sun

WASHINGTON DC - Democratic Senator Joe Biden's comments regarding his colleague, the Illinois Senator and 2008 Presidential Candidate Barack Obama in the New York Observer has been literally, the talk of the nation as the race (pardon the pun) heats up for the Democratic Nomination. Biden did something truly astounding, even for him - he both announced his own Candidacy for the White House, then turned around and issued an apology to Obama and the nation, on the same day! We've all heard his remarks, given to a reporter in the midst of an interview, about how "clean" Obama was - meaning, that Obama was a real Black Presidential Candidate that White folks could vote for. Contrary to some in the Conservative community, or for that matter in the Liberal one, Biden's remarks were hardly Racist - but they were Racial, and there's a big difference. His remarks touch upon something that I've yet to see discussed to any great degree in astrological or non-astrological circles, and it should be, because it gives us all something to seriously ponder, as the 2008 Campaign marches on.

As has been duly noted before, Obama has dizzying amounts of "star power", along with good looks, an easy going manner, and a considerable intellect, all of which makes him very attractive as a candidate. But his greatest strength, could also prove to be his greatest weakness - Race.
Up to this point, my writings on Obama have focused on a "test" rectification of his birthtime, which features a late Gemini Asc, with Pisces on the MC, and the Moon in the last decanate of Taurus (Aug 4 1961 4AM AHDT Honolulu HI; Placidus 29 Gemini 49, Wikipedia, Mu'Min Bey "test" rectification), and while I feel that this option fits the events of his life as well as his character, it is entirely possible that his actual birthtime could be quite different. But one has to acknowledge, that the Gemini Asc option I've chosen fits very well, Obama's reality, as having a foot in both worlds, one Black, the other White, highlighting his bi-racial lineage.

Or, does he? For, while it's true that Obama was born of a union between a Kenyan man and a White woman from Kansas, in many respects, he is not "Black" in the way most African Americans would recognize - he is Black in the weirdly American sense of the word, but not quite "Black enough".

This was seen in Obama's earlier days in Chicago, in his bid for a Congressional seat, losing to Bobby Rush, who was better known for his days as a Black Panther. Obama would go on to win the US Senate seat he has now, but as we all know, you need considerable White voter support in order to win Statewide office.

This presents a real problem for Obama, as the Race heats up - can he maintain the level of White voter support he needs, while also reaching out to the African American Vote, without which, his campaign as a Democrat will most assuredly fail? This is a question for the other two Democratic frontrunners, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and John Edwards as well. However, there are key differences in their cases - one, they're both White, so the same "Brown paper bag" test doesn't apply; and two, they both have an established connection to the Black Community, in ways Obama doesn't.

For Whites, although many won't or can't openly admit this, Obama is attractive as a candidate because while he is Black, he isn't "too Black" - he doesn't have the connection to, and therefore, the possible feelings of resentment from, Slavery, and all that occured in the decades since. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton represent that "edge" from that past, that makes Whites very nervous about giving their vote to such a person, among other things.

And in the Black community, the age old debate rages on, as to what is "authentically Black" - we've all heard the phrase "Keepin' It Real", and so on. Having "Street Cred" - being known and respected in the hoods accross America, is hugely important and relevant to African Americans. Note the cool reception in the Black Community to Obama at present; compare that to Bill Clinton's appearance on Arsenio Hall's hugely popular latenight show in the early 90s. The difference, says it all. Although Obama is Black, it's also safe to say, that the rapper Eminem is Blacker than Obama is.

Think about it - Condi Rice and Colin Powell are much beloved in White America - not so in Black America. Tiger Woods is lauded in White America - Black folks know who he is, respects his accomplishments on the course, but doesn't really discuss him much; he's not "one of their own" (recall the skit on Chappelle Show, "The Racial Draft").

This continuing bifurcation culturally, cannot be answered I feel, by assessing a singular Mundane map alone; the chart of the United States does give a general overview of the country, but when it comes to issues like these, it is important to consider another chart - that of "Black America":

American Slavery Aug 30 1619 10.15AM LMT Jamestown VA; Placidus 4 Sco 21, Penfield. This is the astrological representation of the moment when the first shipment of African slaves were offloaded at Jamestown, Virginia, and I feel, is the basis upon which we can accurately gauge the African American Community in the United States. The chart itself is based on the research of well known Mundane Astrologer Marc Penfield, seen in the book "Astrology Looks at History", edited by Noel Tyl, 1995, in the chapter called, "Lincoln, The South & Slavery". It is a fascinating read, and I highly recommend Penfield's very insightful treatment of one of America's defining historical periods.

Right away the chart of Black America is striking, with its Scorpio Asc and Mars rising in Scorpio (consider the Black Male Mystique - tremendous success with atheletics, much speculation with regard to sexual prowess, and now, in more recent years, the ever rising homicide rate and gun violence in America's Inner Cities), opposed the Moon and Pluto, both in conjunction, in Taurus (there's the "Keepin' It Real" signature, being down home, folksy, "shuckin' n jivin'", etc.), the axis squared by Venus in Leo at the MC (tremendous focus on the Arts, especially Music, sexuality highlighted, "Bling-Bling", etc.); there's the Mercury in Virgo to Saturn in Gemini square, with Saturn ruling the 3rd, and the Moon ruling the 9th (the educational Achievement Gap), the Sun-Moon Blend of Virgo-Taurus (orginally, representing agricultural and craftsman focus, now having expanded to include a more practical, down to Earth approach to things in its best light) and so on. These key areas of the chart give striking witness to the charts of the two main candidates, Obama and Clinton, and could give us some clues as to whether he can overcome his "Street Cred" problems if he's to have any real shot in 08.

Comparing Obama's chart to that of Black America, we see some very interesting ties - his Sun exactly sits on the Black America Venus and conjunct the MC; his Taurean Moon matches the Black American Moon (although not conjunct), and his Pluto exactly sits on the Black American Sun. These are very welcome signs. BUT, Obama also has his share of problems in the hood, shown by his Neptune sitting right on the Black American Asc (being a nonfactor in the hood, the "blah" reaction of Blacks to Obama to date, etc.), his Mars conjunct the BA Mercury, and finally, his Mars square the BA Saturn.

Compare this to the Synastry of Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has a mutual Venus-Mars connection with the Black Community (Hillary's Venus conjunct the BA Mars, rising in Scorpio; her Mars-Pluto conjunct the Black American Venus and MC). Additionally, her Scorpionic Asc & Sun matches that of the Black America, while her MC sits right on the BA Sun. But she too has her share of problems in the hood, with her Piscean Moon in opposition to the BA Mercury and square the BA Saturn. Keep in mind, that stand alone, Hillary has very strong relations with Black America, winning easily over 80% of the vote in her Senate Races among Black voters in New York, and high in the opinion polls among African Americans accross the country. This is seen in the fact that Hillary's Pluto position trines the Jupiter position of Black America - a synastric tie Obama lacks. And top of this, Hillary has the Ultimate Weapon - Bill Clinton.

As we all know, Clinton, Bill that is, was deemed our first "Black President" by famed and noted writer Toni Morrison back in the 90s. His aforementioned appearance on Arsenio Hall, playing a saxophone, among a great many other things, have made him a much beloved politician among African Americans, perhaps of all time as far as they are concerned. Surely, his Synastric ties to Black America would have to be prominent and strong. And indeed they are: note the matching Taurean Moon positions reminiscent of the ties Obama has with the Black Community, however, note that in Clinton's case his Moon is brought closer to the BA Moon; in Synastry, two people or entities having the same Lunar positions AND conjunct, makes for an extremely comfortable relationship. Note also Clinton's Pluto EXACTLY conjunct the Black American Venus, square its Mars, and square its Moon-Pluto. That's a powerful, strong set of ties that cannot be ignored. Then we can add his Libra cluster of planets plus the Asc, conjunct the BA Neptune position (and Clinton's Neptune matches the Black American Neptune - shared religious focus; Clinton is a Baptist, if I recall alright), with particular focus on the Clinton Venus conjunct the BA Neptune - and "romance" tie. Finally, note that Clinton has tw very, very important ties to the Black Community that gives witness to his continuing success in the hood - his Jupiter square the BA Uranus, while his Pluto, like his wife Hillary's, trines the BA Jupiter.

Without question, Obama's greatest struggle, will be to wrestle the Black Vote away from the Clintons. But can he do it? And if so, how?

Mu's Prediction: The early signs do look encouraging for Obama, with his statement in response to Biden's remarks where he seems to take sides with Jackson and Sharpton. But as the race tightens up, Obama will be pressed to side more with the African American Community, as transit Saturn moves to square his Moon again later this Summer. This will really put him in a delicate spot, kind of being stuck between a rock and hard place, for at around the same time, transit Uranus moves to conjoin the proposed Pisces MC I've selected, and transit Pluto parks outside Obama's 7th House. This will threaten his "electability" in White America, for if he goes too far into Black America, he may take on too much of what Whites don't want in a Presidential Candidate. IF my "test" rectification is anywhere near accurate - and I admit, that's a huge "if" - we'll know the deal by Aug of this year, when the aforementioned transits of Saturn and Uranus bear down on Obama's Moon and MC respectively. By that time the Race for the White House will be headed to the Primaries, and Obama's got to be hitting on all cylinders by then if he's to win. Black Voters won't play much of a role in those Primaries (except South Carolina, of course), but he'll need their support coming right from under them and the Summer of 2007 will give a early, yet still quite telling tale as to whether he's able to both do the Foxtrot in White America, and the Bump in Black America.



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