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The Tragic Life & Death Of Anna Nicole Smith

The Tragic Life & Death Of Anna Nicole Smith

8:37 AM 02/10/2007 Sat

Within the same week that a Newsweek cover story ran with the caption "The Girls Gone Wild Effect", news rocked the nation that blonde bombshell Anna Nicole Smith died, on Thu Feb 8 2007, presumably from a drug overdose. With her passing she will now join the Pantheon of Hollywood Immortals, like Janis Joplin, Jimmie Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Tupac Shakur, and of course, her idol Marilyn Monroe. And, like the others mentioned, her death raises at least as many questions as it answers - chief among them, what's to become of her infant daughter, who is the father of the child, her $88 million dollar estate, and whether her death was purely accidental - or foul play? In an age where Women have more access to opportunities accross the board than ever before, Anna Nicole earned her money the old fashioned way - by using what she had to get what she wanted. And, as this week's Newsweek magazine points out, she's not alone - the so-called "Brit Pack" flies in the face of the Women's/Feminist Movement's ideas of gender equality, anti-objectification and fighting against rigid gender stereotyping - but if any of these "daughters of the revolution" really stood out, it would have to be Anna Nicole. Girlfriend played up the hoochie-momma role to the hilt. We will examine the "Girls Gone Wild Effect" later, but for now, we'll consider the astrology of one of America's well-known sex symbols.

According to Wikipedia, Anna Nicole Smith was born on Nov 28 1967 in Mexia TX; no time is known. It's quite possible that a birth record with the actual birthtime will be found, but in the meantime, I think this is a perfect opportunity to present what I think her birthtime *could* be, based on the events of her life and her characteristics. In this article, I would like to present my findings and methods to you the reader; responsible reply, invited.

But before we do, it's always helpful to get a "general orientation" to the birthdate we're working with, to get a lay of the astrological landscape, so to speak; doing this helps greatly in applying the rectification work later on.

Anna Nicole Smith's birthdate features a Sagittarian Sun in square to Jupiter in Virgo (potential for weight gain, due in the main to "overdoing it", propensity for outspokeness or inappropriate comments, enthusiasm, salesmanship), a Mercury-Neptune conjunction in Scorpio (potential for keeping secrets, not telling the truth - "Anna Nicole Smith" is a stage name; strong potential for addictive behavior, particularly alcohol and/or drugs), a potential Moon-Venus conjunction in Libra (extra-strong emphasis on beauty - could either of these planets be tied into the Asc? Hmm...); a Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo (one of the Magi "Super Success" Aspects); and finally, a Mutual Reception aspect beween Mars in Capricorn and Saturn in Aries, Rx. This is yet another very strong clue for me, because I've found over the years, that ANYTIME a woman has contact between Mars and Saturn in her chart, the potential for her having above average "man trouble" is huge. The aforementioned Mutal Reception aspect here suggests that Smith would be attracted to and would attract men of means, but in someway be less than desired; note that all of her relationships in one way or another "died". Also, the Saturn Rx symbolism here cannot be overstated - like Marilyn Monroe, the woman she wanted so much to emulate, she too has this symbolism running rampant in her life, trying to compensate for the lack of relationship she had with her own father, by getting with other men, especially the "sugar daddy" relationship she had with Oil billionaire J. Howard Marshall. There's one other, yet very important feature of Anna Nicole's birthdate astrology, that merits mention - the Venus-Pluto connection. According to the Magi System, women having Venus-Pluto aspects are far and away more sexually inclined than their lesser sisters; they aren't above using Sex to get what they want out of life; this is the woman who has no problem sleeping her way to the top. At the very least, Sex plays a huge role in such a woman's overall plans for prominence and success. Britney Spears, Madonna, Beyonce' Knowles, Moncia Lewinsky, just to name a few, have such prominent aspects in their charts, and look at the results. In Anna Nicole's case, when we scan her Midpoints (using a standard 90 degree Sort) we see Saturn=Venus/Pluto - a strong signal suggesting using sexuality strategically for gain - especially when we factor in the potential for Saturn's rulership of the 7th House. Hmm...

In astrology, the process by which you determine the birthtime of a person is known as Rectification; by working backwards through the events of a person's life, you "find" the probable birthtime for the person in question. Although birth records are much better kept than ever before in Human History, there are still many instances where such information isn't available; it's then up to the astrologer to attempt to find out what that crucial time is by way of rectification.

There are many methods one can use in the rectification process, and every astrologer has to find their own way. One of the "tricks" I learned, during my study of Horary astrology many years ago, is that whenever I ran accross a person in the street suddenly that I hadn't seen in months or years (or got a call or even an email from, etc.), I would notice that the rising Sign and/or Moon of the moment was in the same Asc or Moon Sign of the person in question. For those who know Horary theory well, this makes perfect sense; one of the ways you can tell if a horary chart is "radical and fit to be judged" is by noting if the chart describes the question or event as told, and that includes, whether it fits the person(s) involved.

I got word that Anna Nicole Smith had died just as I was coming off break at work by way of special radio announcement, Thu Feb 8 2007 at 3.30PM EST here in Philadelphia PA; using Placidus Houses, the rising Asc was 27 Can 21, with the ruling Moon in early Scorpio, in the 4th House - "the end of the matter". This chart I feel, is highly radical, for the late degree on the Asc signifies that "it's a done deal" and the Moon ruling the Asc, in Scorpio signifies death. Both the Moon and Asc are in Watery Signs - and according to early reports on Wikipedia, Smith choked on her own vomit, and it's quite possible that alcohol and/or drinkable forms of drugs could be involved (liquids). The chart also showed some additional very telling clues - Saturn was in Leo Rx in the 2nd House at that moment, opposed an EXACT Sun-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius in the 8th (death by way of drugs). This 2-8 House axis, also suggests very strongly, money concerns, and when we consider the 5th House - Smith's child - we see that Jupiter is placed in Sagittarius (a signal of just how important this child is in the overall scheme of things; could the child have Jupiter prominent in her chart; perhaps, Sagittarius rising? Hmmm...) and receiving a square from an exalted Venus in the 9th House (Courts). Clearly, we can expect much more legal wranglings over the Smith estate, as this child is the only tie left to the $88 million. The possibility of a Cancer Asc for Anna Nicole seemed quite natural - she was known both for her zaftig figure, large (and artificially enhanced) breasts, and considerable weight problems (the 3 Signs that signify most the potential for weight troubles, are Taurus, Sagittarius and Cancer, the latter being the most problematic of the three, due to the "up and down" nature of the Sign's ruler, the Moon; Oprah Winfrey, who has struggled with her weight for many years, has Sagittarius Asc, with the Moon also in Sagittarius and very low in declinational degrees). After thinking about it for awhile at the day gig, I thought to work on it some more later that night.

When I got home, I put up Anna Nicole's birthdate and rotated the chart on my computer screen until Cancer was rising. Immediately what jumped out at me was the fact that Capricorn would be on the 7th - perfect for what we know about Anna Nicole, in particular her marriage to the then 89 year old J. Howard Marshall, a billionaire Oil Man. Saturn would be in Aries, traditionally a Sign of Fall, and in the Cancer Asc option, would be in the 10th House. Hmm...and Mars in Capricorn, depending on the clocktime I set the chart for, could be in the 8th House - there's the Probate Battles Smith has been going through for the better part of a decade!!! Aries could be on the 11th House - the 5th for the 7th, old man Marshall. This would represent his son, E. Pierce Marshall, Smith's nemesis throughout the court battles.

On Anna Nicole's birthdate, Venus is Peregrine (Tyl) and is the Final Dispositor of the horoscope, in Libra. This is the "extreme beauty" signature, as well as the desire for the "good life", the "bling-bling" as we say in the hood. Note also how Venus is Quindecile Saturn, a very important aspect. The Quindecile, 165 degrees, is one that connotes obsession, compulsion, potential upheaval in terms of the planets and Houses involved; such a contact between Venus and Saturn, can suggest extremes regarding relationships, sex, and structure regarding it all. In the chart of a woman, this aspect pair can suggest USING SEXUALITY STRATEGICALLY to advance oneself in life. This relatively minor aspect then, takes on enormous importance in this chart case, due to Saturn's rulership, angularity, and Venus' position as well, ruling and in the 5th House(!). It certainly fits what we know about Anna Nicole.

The Moon on Anna Nicole's birthdate shifts from Libra to Scorpio, at around 7.30 or so in the evening. Although a Scorpio Moon could fit Anna Nicole, I felt that the Moon in Libra would fit better, given both her appearance and as well, her weight troubles; and most importantly, the fact that her Peregriene (Tyl) Venus in Libra would be the dispositor of her Libra Moon, which in turn is the ruler of the Cancer Asc, would just put more emphasis on the "bling-bling", as well as fashion, modelling, and sex appeal.

Anna Nicole, from an early age, wanted to be famous, often saying that she wanted to be "the next Marilyn Monroe". Western Astrology has several methods of determining potential prominence and fame from a chart, and one of them has to do with the Aries Point. "The Ascendant of the World" the Aries Point (aka the "AP") - 0 degrees Aries, and hence, all Cardinal Signs - has the potential to take whatever is configured with it and bring it powerfully forward into public view. For example, Wayne Gretzky, known the world over as "The Great One" for his tremendous hockey playing skills, has Mars at 0 Cancer - at the Aries Point.

Another notable example, particularly for us astrologers, is in examining the horoscope of Noel Tyl, who has 0 Cancer on the Asc, with his Asc ruling Moon in Leo and in the 3rd House; Tyl has written perhaps more books than any other astrologer in the Western world, somewhere upwards of 30! For Anna Nicole, this "fame and prominence" making potential can be seen, in the Cancer Asc also being at the Aries Point, suggesting an early degree on the Asc.

The horoscope begins to take shape now - early Cancer Asc, Saturn ruling the 7th and angular, the Moon in late Libra - now it's just a matter of refining it all, and making the Solar Arc & Transit measurements fit the Angles of the chart, concomitant with major life events in Anna Nicole's life. Noting that she both got married and had her first child at about 18 years old (1985) and the fact that she has a very strong Venus, it would make sense that by Solar Arc, Venus should have come to an Angle (or the other way around) around that age; with the Asc at 2 Cancer, it would come to square the Venus position (20 Libra) at around 18 years of age, while transit Neptune would have been parked on her 7th House cusp and opposed the Asc, and transit Uranus would have been square her MC. Her parents divorced, according to Wikipedia, on Nov 4 1969, almost two years after Anna Nicole was born - SA Saturn would square the Asc, from the 10th House, at around that time (and keep in mind, that Saturn is Rx - unfinished "daddy business" for sure, especially in light of her "man problems" as an adult later in life); transit Uranus would square the Asc and go on to oppose Saturn (dad leaving the family). She separated from her first husband in 1987, as SA MC moved to conjoin her 7th House ruling Saturn in the 10th and while transit Neptune squared her Saturn position in the 10th and while transit Saturn was square her MC; she made the cover of Playboy Magazine and was selected the new Guess? Model, edging out Claudia Schiffer, in 1992, aged 25, as SA Asc opposed Mars (exalted in Capricorn - tremendous Promotion Power, as well as Sex Appeal - Mars in the 8th) and transit Jupiter was opposed the MC; and finally, she made Playmate of The Year, in 1993, as the Sun, by Solar Arc, moved to oppose the Asc (being seen for who one is, indeed!) and transit Saturn squared her Sun/Moon midpoint (which will become very important later; read on). She married J. Howard Marshall on Jun 27 1994, as SA Jupiter applied square to the Asc, and transit Saturn was conjunct her MC. The Probate Battles began shortly after Marshall's death in Aug 1995, as SA Jupiter=Sun/Moon and transit Saturn conjunct the MC. Next, we have Anna Nicole coming back to prominence when she took her probate case to the US Supreme Court in early 2006, as Solar Arc MC=Sun/Moon; the birth of her second child, a daughter, born on Sep 7 2006, with transit Neptune square her Sun/Moon midpoint (keep in mind, that in my "test" chart, Neptune is natally in the 5th - mystery surrounding who fathered her child, giving birth overseas, etc.; also, her first child, her son born on Jan 22 1986, died on Sep 10 2006, due to drug overdose - Neptune again, both natally and on the move in terms of transit) and transit Uranus applying to conjunct the 15 degree Pisces MC proposed for Smith. And then finally, Smith's death, at which we see the following: SA Neptune=Saturn, with transit Saturn and Neptune square Mercury, co-ruler of the 12th, and transit Uraus approaching the MC again. It all seems to fit.

So, the "final" rectification test chart done by me, Nov 28 1967, at 7.04PM CST, in Mexia TX, with an Asc of 2 Can 5 and using Placidus Houses, seems to be a good base for appreciating the life, times and astrology of Anna Nicole Smith, truly a tragic figure.

A final thought is in order here. As I checked in on the various Internet astrology venues and surveyed the comments made by various folks on the life of Anna Nicole Smith, I couldn't help noticing some lady astrologers saluting Anna Nicole for her "up from the streets" gumption and motivation to live a better life, while at the same time, turning a blind eye to the WAY Smith went about it. At the top of this piece, I mentioned Smith along with the "Girls Gone Wild" syndrome that Newsweek talked about, and I see it all as reaching a sort of social critical mass with the public, a reckoning if you will, that the Women's Movement has had coming for a long time now. Smith's death, the trials and tribulations of Spears, Lohan, Ritchie, Hilton, Moss, Steffans, Bryan and a host of other young ladies in the spotlight, ought to do for Women and young girls what the senseless death and wasted lives of Tupac and Biggie did for the Hip Hop scene and the African American Community. In a perfect world, they would.

But we all know that ain't the case. What a damn shame.



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