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Financial Astrology Notes, Aug 2007

I've been studying Financial Astrology now for the past year in particular, though I've also been collecting little tidbits here and there along the way. The following are excerpts taken from a running thread I started last Summer on the subject. I'll post up "digests" of my thoughts from time to time.

FA 1Aug 26 2007:
The past few weeks have been really tough on the World Markets, sparked off byshocks in the American banking system in connection w/what has become known as"sub-prime" loans-the lending of monies to people w/shaky or no credit in orderto purchase homes.

Many of these loans are what is called "rate-adjustable",meaning that if you buy a mortage at say, 10% interest, as time goes on theinterest rates can skyrocket. This is causing many Americans difficulty inpaying for their mortages; foreclosures are up in nearly every part of thecountry; this gives a bad signal to the markets tied into these loans; and hencethe run on the markets we've seen in the past few weeks in particular.Its my view that Financial Astrology, which is really an offshoot of Mundaneastrology, is the next and perhaps "final" frontier of the so-called "nextgeneration" of astrologers; contrary to the notion that the individual is prime,in truth the world is growing smaller, or as Tom Friedman said, "getting flat",as a result of mass interconnection of multi media, communication and financialties.

Surely in light of the events wrt the markets we've all seen in the past two weeks, one would be hardpressed to deny that the aforementioned areas ofastrology are somehow irrelevant or old hat.So, w/that said, I would like to present just a few thoughts on the situation asI see it.

Finanical astrology is an extremely tough nut to crack in terms oflearning the ins and outs for one very simple reason: its top practitioners arein the business of making money, and unlike their more "woo woo" humanisticpeers, have no qualms saying so. In this sense, they are the true mercenaries ofthe Zodiac, and their forthrigtness is something of a much need breath of freshair at a time when can easily get bogged down in astro-psychobabble speak.I've been conducting my own reasearches into the subject, aided by the works ofJack Gillen, considered to be one of the most important astrologers in thefield. I find his work to be clearcut and precise, which is what you need whentrying to divine the workings of Wall St. I also used elematary astrologicalcommonsense as well as a heck of a lot of observation. I welcome any feedbackthe Forum may have.

First, I noted the Saturn-Neptune opposition in Leo-Aquarius respectively,occuring in Aug-Sep 2006 and again in Jul 2007. If I'm not mistaken, the marketsresponded w/lows noted in the areas of the market connected to Housing. Forexample, Home Depot changed CEOs during this time, and Lowes, the former'sbiggest competitor, posted record lows in sales during this period.

It was alsoduring this time that the Dow Jones lost more than 300 points on a single day,followed up by the events of the past two weeks, where the Dow lost all of thegains it had made all year, falling from 14K points to just barely above 13K.According to Gillen, Saturn represents panic, paranoia, and market crashes.Per my researches, Saturn represents Real Estate of any kind. In Leo, Saturn isweakened, and in opposition to Neptune, weakened further still.

In FA terms,Neptune tends to over value whatever Sign its in and/or planets its connected toby aspect. So here we can see the overvaluation of real estate, the "real estatebubble" and so forth, including the highly questionable sub-prime loanbusiness-Neptune also represents nefarious business dealings.I saw all this in the Fall of 2005, as I was preparing my notes for the comingyear; immediately, I made plans NOT to make any major moves on the homefront.Then, two weeks ago, transit Saturn was in exact square to the NYSE's Sun, at 27Taurus (New York Stock Exchange May 17 1792 8.52AM LMT New York City NY;Placidus 26 Can 07 Gillen)-the market lost THREE HUNDRED POINTS IN A SINGLE DAYas the world markets tried to cope w/the sub-prime loan crash here at home. TheFederal Reserve Bank, trying to bring investor confidence back to the markets,lowered interest rates by one half a point and infused billions of dollars intothe market. Other world markets followed suit.

Interestingly enough, using the Sibly USA chart, we note that its Moon is at 27┬║Aquarius-meaning that transit Saturn would be opposed the Moon while at the verysame time square the NYSE Sun!!! It was a painful period indeed.Gillen also seems to lay emphasis on certain zones of the NYSE and USA charts.Although he uses a different clocktime for the USA (he prefers Libra Asc), histheory I have found to be sound. He suggests watching closely the Signs
associated w/the Asc/Dsc axis, the Sun and MC/IC axis of both charts; Saturn'smovement through said Signs portend difficult times for the markets in terms ofthe Sign Saturn is transiting at the time.Hmm.Saturn is about to move into Virgo.

Among other things, Gillen notes that Virgorepresents the healthcare/medical fields, civil servants, trade unions, andagriculture and poultry fields. Saturn's movement into Virgo can suggestdifficulty in these areas, all the moreso as Saturn tightens its opposition toUranus in 2008, for the first time in Nov 08, and a final time in the early Fallof 2009. Clearly the aforementioned areas will be hotly debated in the USAPresidential elections.

For me, Virgo also represents the Military. 'Nuff said there.On the basis of the "changing of the guard" ingress of Saturn into Virgo, alongw/Jupiter's movement into Capricorn in Dec and Pluto's ingress into the sameSign Feb 08, my guess is that the Real Estate/Sub-Prime Loan issue will havesettled down a bit as we move into the Fall.BUT-Gillen says that the movements of Mars can wreak havoc on the Markets,especially when it either makes hard aspects to Saturn, and/or goes Rx.

Gillen is also very wary of times when all three planets-Mars, Jupiter and Saturn moveinto either Mutuable or Cardinal Signs at the same time.Its very interesting to note that transit Uranus was sitting right on the NYSEMars as the markets tumbled two weeks back, and that Uranus will be square tothe USA Mars in the Spring/Fall of 2008. Hmm.Mars will go Rx at about 11 Cancer on Nov 15 2007, to last until about Jan 08 orso. Mars goes back into Cancer in Mar 08, joining Jupiter and Pluto inCapricorn. Cardinal Signs.I'll hold here. Would love to get any feedback anyone may have. I don't knowabout all y'all, but God I love this stuff!


Aug 26 2007:

Although Gillen doesn't realy go into progressions in his work, I think theywould have to play a role. Its still in the early going for me in all this, butI just wanted to toss out something for your consideration:USA: SA Neptune=Saturn/Uranus Aug 2007-Tyl says for this combination "breakdownunder emotional pressure".

Hmm...NYSE: SA Mars=Moon Aug 2007, very interesting in light of Gillens comments aboutMars and its effects on the markets in generalPutting this all together w/the aforementioned in this thread, it all makes alot of sense in how to see the market correction in hindsight.We'll see if what I and Gillen notes will go down in the months ahead.Comments?


Aug 30 2007: The Dow Jones took another hit today, losing over 200 points. Additionally, theS&P released its report wrt the housing and consumer markets-not good.I've mentioned earlier in this thread that per Gillen's researches, Mars has todo w/sharp dropoffs in the markets. Specifically, he was talking about Mars inmundane transit, in hard aspect to Saturn, and when it goes Rx.I've been quietly observing this for about a year or so, and so far it seems tohold. But there's something else that *might* be interesting......transit Uranus is sitting on the NYSE Mars and will continue to do so forawhile yet. I'll be able to be more specific when I'm back at the lab. But justoff the top of my head, the Markets seem to be headed for some morerollercoaster ups and downs."


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