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The So-Called "Peace Mom" Calls It Quits

The So-Called "Peace Mom" Calls It Quits

11:43 AM 6/3/2007 Sun

Well, start spreadin' the news...last week, Cindy Sheehan announced, on Memorial Day and seen on the Daily Kos website, that she was leaving the "peace movement" due to a host of personal and political-infighting reasons.

I have written about Sheehan's horoscope extensively within the context of what could only be called a running battle between myself and an astrologer named Ed Kohout. Following are excerpts of my comments in this regard,
The Cindy Sheehan Challenge
7:59 PM 11/19/2006 Sun

Since we're in the run-up to Turkey Day, I thought I'd go on a sort of turkey shoot myself, and put some rather
large holes in Ed "Crumpo" Kohout's recent "challenge" to me regarding the life, times and astrology of one Cindy
Sheehan, the so-called "Peace Mom". I've included both my analysis of Sheehan's chart as well as Kohout's, in that
order, and would ask the readers at home to look the facts over and decide for yourself who's on the up and up.

Before I do, however, I just wanted to get a few things straight - back in Jul of this year, on Kohout's Practical Star
Timing listserv, the Sheehan issue came up; both he and another astrologer who refers to herself as the Celtic Astro
Nut tried to take me to task regarding Sheehan. I then responded with documented facts about Sheehan's life, and
posed some pointed questions both to Kohout and Celtic, to which, to date, neither of whom have yet to respond.
I'll re-post that email in this post, and again, let the readers decide who's on the up and up.

OK then, to the turkey shoot...

Cindy Sheehan Jul 10 1957 1.40PM PDT Inglewood CA; Placidus 25 Lib 20 Rodden
I'm very glad that Ed decided to bring this issue up, both because of the subject matter itself, but as well, because
it gives me the chance to put into action some clarifying principles in Astrology that cry out for a conceptual sword.

All too often, it's been experience that astrologers do what Crump has done, and that is to rush into the forrest,
missing the trees; in other words, he and far too many astrologers reach for obtuse stuff while overlooking the
obvious. Sheehan's life is chock full of this.

Right off the bat we see in the chart the dominating aspect of Mercury square Neptune, with Neptune rising in the
Libran Asc and Mercury conjunct the MC from the 9th. EVERY chart has such a dominating aspect - two or more
planets in hard aspect to each other, while at the same time, invloving the Lights, Asc ruler or Asc itself - and THE
REST OF THE HOROSCOPE will follow this aspect's lead throughout the life. It's the tail that wags the dog, so to

This aspect is too hard to ignore (unless you're a delusional Leftie like Crumpo), not only because of its angularity
longitudinally but so too, because of the fact that it's in Mundane Square, falling on the House angles of the chart.

Therefore this aspect will set the tone for Sheehan's life, and indeed it has - Mercury-Neptune aspects suggest an
extreme sense of idealism, of tilting at windmills, of seeing visions; it can also be an aspect of deception, delusion
and out and out lies. We know for a fact that Sheehan met with President Bush right after her son was killed in Iraq,
yet she said nothing to him about her disagreement; we know that her son had re-enlisted in the Army. Folks like
Crump tend to forget little things like that.

Checkout the Houses Mercury and Neptune rule, the 5th, 9th & 11th - of course, Sheehan's son can be seen in the
5th, the 9th represents both one's quest for what they think is the truth, and the 11th represents on the outer side
associations with groups, and on the inner side one's need to be loved by others. Mercury-Neptune here makes
things quite murky though; something's not quite right. There has been all manner of talk about Sheehan being a
Patsy for the Hardcore Left's machinations. Hmm.

AP=Neptune/Pluto: The sense of being swept away by circumstances beyond one's control, peculiar problems, high
potential for controlled substance abuse (more about this in a sec) and so on. Note that most of the planets in
Sheehan's chart are above the horizon - again, being swept away by life's circumstances.

AP=Mars/Node: Fighting with other people or a person in particular. Of course, this represents Sheehan's misguided
grandstanding regarding the Iraq War and GWB; it must also be pointed out that all Miliarty Families DO NOT AGREE
with Sheehan, in fact one such family wrote a book about Sheehan, where they suggest that Sheehan's been both
using her Mercury-Neptune square AND her very prominent triple conjunction of Mars, Venus and Uranus lately. In
other words, they have the goods on her seeking sexual encounters and the like online, as well as using alcohol and
drugs. Is that fact, if true, relevant to the issue surrounding the Iraq War? Maybe, maybe not - but it would be yet
another confirmation of what we know about very prominent aspects in a person's chart, that they find expression
someway, somehow. NOTE: ANY Midpoint at the Aries Point will ALWAYS play itself out to the public, the world at large, and is as if not
more important than even the Sun/Moon or Asc/MC midpoints. I don't use "trees" rather I tend to use "sorts", set in
90 degree modulus. This allows me to see the most important midpoints that are based on the 4th Harmonic -
conjunction, square, opposition. The aspects that make things happen.
The Sun is Peregrine (Tyl) indeed here, placed in the 9th House, again what one thinks is the truth. This is ego
aggrandizement all day, for sure, couched in "Peace Mom" terms, that is to say, that she is supposed to be immune
from criticism from others because of her supposed special status as a parent who lost a child in the war, Sun in
Cancer. Again, please note the hundreds, if not thousands, of families in the same boat who don't agree with her.

It's documented.

Crump makes mention of Sheehan's Node=Saturn/Neptune, which as per usual he gets WRONG; this is a contact
that suggests, in the political sense, that one comes into contact with others of a strong, if not extreme, Left of
Center orientation; please note that Sheehan has been seen cavorting with Hugo Chavez, among others.

Node=Uranus/Pluto as well, "revolutionary associations" indeed! Please see Liz Greene's "The Astrological Neptune"
for more about how Saturn-Neptune contacts are part and parcel of the Left in general and Communism/Socialism in
particular (and we can note, that the Democratic Party's chart has a driving Saturn-Neptune opposition aspect, with
Saturn in Aries!!!).

Sheehan came to prominence as SA Asc=Pluto in Mar 05, and SA Jupiter=Venus in Apr 05, with transit Jupiter square
her Sun, transit Saturn having just gone over her Sun, transit Neptune opposed her Leo cluster from the 4th, and,
most important, transit Pluto square her Jupiter (Pluto rules the 2nd, Money, Jupiter rules the 3rd, Media Attention).
Note the extreme attention here on the 10th House, Pluto, Jupiter, Venus and the Sun. Coming before the public,
success, etc.

However, looking ahead for Sheehan, things don't look so nice for her in 07: SA Uranus=Sun/Pluto in Jan, SA
Saturn=Mercury in Feb, SA MC=Neptune in Jun, and SA Saturn=Asc/MC in Oct, with transit Saturn conjuncting her
10th House Pluto in late Aug and going on to square her Saturn (ruler of her 4th) in Dec. It's hard to see Sheehan
being anything more than yesterday's news by 2008.

Here's Crumpo's analysis(?) of Sheehan, followed up by my Jul 06 post on Sheehan. Ask yourself - WHY hasn't the
almighty Crumpo answered directly, any of the questions I raised?


Gotta go get the laundry...



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