Saturday, November 10, 2007

Preleminary Astrological Thoughts & Analysis Of Pakistan

Preleminary Astrological Thoughts & Analysis Of Pakistan

I recently offered some thoughts on the events taking place in Pakistan on the
UOA Forum. I do have plans to write a larger piece on the matter, so do stay
tuned for that one.

"Hi Sam,
Very good question, and I just got finished reading the thread over at the
Kiddie Table. Gary sounds like Cain in Kung Fu. You're right, I've been wanting
to do up a piece on Pakistan for a good long minute, but haven't been able to
sit still long enough to make that a number of other projects happen. But stay
tuned, maybe I'll use the following as part of that piece.

Now then, for some straight talk...

Pakistan Aug 15 1947 12AM IST Karachi; Placidus 17 Tau 32, Campion

General Pervez Musharraf Aug 11 1942 3.19PM IST Delhi India; Placidus 20 Sag 59
SPECIAL NOTE WRT MUSHARRAF: My source is my contact in Karachi, Muhammad Imran,
a very good Vedic astrologer based there. According to him this info comes
directly from the General's mother, and relayed to a friend of his, an
ambassador, who also happens to be a friend of Imran.

Benazir Bhutto Jun 21 1953 7.59PM PST (Pakistan Standard Time; +5), Karachi
Pakistan; Placidus 9 Cap 3,

NOW - please note that Pakistan itself is rife with Fixed Sign activity, which
means that it will be effected by the transit of Neptune for some time to come.
Also keep in mind that the Neptune transit in square to its Asc accounts for the
massive earthquake a few years back that killed tens of thousands.

The extreme 4 house emphasis shows the powerful forces at work in opposition to
Musharraf; the Neptune Factor here, clearly speaks to both the Taliban/Terrorist
threat, as well as to the rife corruption, intrigue and the like in Musharraf's

Uranus rules the 10/MC, in late Gemini. I've mentioned before, that the entire
Islamic World astrology can be summed up in massive activity in the Mutable
degrees. Checkout the charts of all the major players, from Israel to Saudi
Arabia, Iraq to Lebanon, all of them have this.

This Uranus position in the Pakistani chart has survived the Pluto transit
opposition, which brought even more assassination attempts on the general's life
(he just recently survived yet ANOTHER such attempt the other day!).

Mars in Cancer, Peregrine (Tyl), at the Aries Point, is as emblematic of the
role of the Military in Pakistani life and politics as it can get. Its hands is
in virtually everything there. Yet, it isn't very effective - in just about
skirmish they've had w/India, they've lost - badly. Plus, please note the
position of Mars in the 2 house - finances - and its rulership - the 12 house.
This is a grand signal of corruption and complicity on the part of many within
the hierarchy of the army in collusion with Taliban/Al Qaeda elements to
undermine the Musharraf gov't.

We can see in Musharraf's chart, that his Asc and Sun/Moon positions put him
right in the zone of the planetary activity that has taken place in recent
years. In fact, the Asc ruler and Sun being so strong by Sign has helped to keep
this man alive when he should have been dead long ago.

However the transit of Uranus in 08-09 in square to his Asc threaten to topple
him from power at the hand of the extremists. Note the tight synastry between
his chart and that of his country.

In the case of Bhutto, if the data supplied by Michael Wolfstar is accurate,
explains alot of what has been said about her. Keep in mind that she was never
much loved at home, due in the main to repeated allegations of rampant
corruption and incompetence during her tenures as Prime Minister. Neptune is in
conjunction with the Moon and Saturn all of which sit right on top of the chart
conjunct the Libra MC.

Bhutto's Sun at the very end of Gemini has to be looked out for in the coming
year; she's not out of the clear yet. The transit of Pluto ain't quite through
with her, there'll be more attempts on her life.

Bhutto's Solar Arcs look like this for 2007:

SA Pluto=Mars/Saturn Apr 2007
SA Sun=Pluto Apr 2007
SA Mars=Sun/Moon Jul 2007
SA Pluto=Mars/Neptune Aug 2007
SA Neptune=Mars/Pluto Dec 2007

All of these arcs speak to the use of force, violence, perhaps with a hint of
"assassination" to it. Note the last two hits, bracketing the time period when
she arrived from self-imposed exhile, last month. Mars, Neptune and Pluto, in
tandem, is a dead ringer signature for terrorists and/or assassins.

For Pakistan itself, lastr month, we note that SA Uranus=Neptune. Uranus rules
the 10. Neptune rules the 11, placed in the 6. Bhutto has maintained that someone
within the gov't wants to take her out.

You do the math.

Again, the synastry between her chart and that of her country is striking to the
eye. When we take a look between hers and Musharraf's, again the ties are very

All of this means that Pakistan, no matter who's in charge, has a serious
Taliban Problem. The man for Pakistan is Musharraf. He's the only one who has
anything close to the wherewithall to deal with all this. How long can he hold
on though?

I'll have more to say about all this, very soon. Stay tuned...



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