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Astrological Considerations Of The Islamic Republic Of Iran

The following is by me, taken from the University of Astrology Forum, found at MySpace:

Posted: 22 Sep 2007, 12:28 AM

OK y'all, just wanted to toss in a bit of astrology as only Mu can:Islamic Republic of Iran Feb 1 1979 9.50AM IRT Tehran Placidus 11 Ari 30 Campion

United States of America Jul 4 1776 5.10PM LMT Philadelphia PA Placidus 12 Sag 19 Sibly Option, Campion

Please note that this month's Partial Solar Eclipse has fallen right on Iran's 9 house Neptune, highlighting its oil and energy woes, as well as its covert operations abroad, most notably wrt Iraq and Lebanon in conjunction w/Syria. Also, please note that Iran's first Saturn Return has begun, bringing full circle the ideas that the Ayatollah Khomeni brought into existence. Saturn is Peregrine (Tyl) in Virgo in the Iranian map, suggesting that the administration is one that is arch-conservative and pendantic (you also might want to note that China also has such a Saturn position-its undergoing its second Saturn Return). Saturn rules the 10, the Party in Power.

Transit Pluto had been sitting close to Iran's Venus in the 9, suggesting an opening in terms of international efforts at peaceful negotiation. However, now that Pluto has gone direct, chances for a peaceful end to the nuclear weapons program Iran has been building is getting dim. There seems to be a last chance coming up this year in SA Venus=Sun/Moon next month, and President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad is on his way for the United Nations General Assembly soon.

Perhaps that might be the opening both sides need. Please note the Uranus position in the Iranian chart, in Scorpio, in the 8 and Peregrine (Tyl); Uranus rules the 12; and Pluto, Uranus' dispositor, is exactly sextile Neptune in Sagittarius in 9, ruling 8. The nuclear weapons program is there alright. Iran has been under increasing pressure from the international community wrt to its nuclear weapons program; we can see this most recently in SA Saturn=Asc exact in Aug of this year. If peace talks don't work in the coming weeks, we can expect Iran to attempt to stall for more time in some way w/SA Uranus=Neptune and SA Mercury=Uranus/Neptune both in Nov; Iran will try to keep the USA and its allies divided on the atomic energy issue by diverting to othr issues, such as Iraq, Lebanon, etc.

The horoscope of Iran shows it to be a very shrewd, albeit boisterous nation, w/its Moon in Aries in the 12, and a triple conjunction of the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Aquarius. The Islamic State gets its entire identity from Revolution and its "Death to America" stance. With Mars as Asc ruler and conjunct the Sun, Iran is a much stronger military power than was Iraq under Saddam Hussein, even at th height of his power and prior to USA-endorsed and UN-imposed sanctions. However, Iran has been having a host of problems in recent years, not least of which have been severe economic woes, increasing poverty and unemployment rates, further international isolation which hampers its import/export prospects, and continual freezes on its monetary assets overseas. Note that Venus rules the Iranian 2 house of national finances, Peregrine (Tyl), and having just been conjuncted by Pluto. Pluto sits in the 7 house-powerful nations and entities w/which the Islamic must contend with-and note that Pluto rules the 8-other nation's money and monetary services, as well as the national debt, which according to published reports, has ballooned during Ahmedinejad's tenure.

Additionally, there has been something of a shakeup wrt Iran's internal political workings. One of Ahmedinejad's rivals was recently appointed to the religious authority's high council seats, and is seen as both a moderate and potential rival for Ahmedinejad's position. If we consider last year's Solar Arc hits, we see that SA Moon=Uranus/Pluto exact Jul 2006. If memory serves, this was around the time that Ahmedinejad suffered a major defeat in parlimentary elections, as his party was roundly defeated at the polls, and allowed an opening for his rival Rasthanjani, to come back to the forefront. The Moon rules the opposition party 4 house.

Look ahead to 08, we see that SA Neptune=Pluto in Mar; given the relationship of these planets natally, and given the facts on the ground at Tehran, this can't be a good signal. By then, the rhetoric regarding Iran's nuclear weapons program will have reached fever pitch, w/the familiar actors unable and/or unwilling to take stronger action against the Islamic Republic. Iran is likely to keep stalling and/or being defiant in refusing to give up its programs outright. Transit Uranus will square Iran's Neptune FROM THE 12 HOUSE at that time. Neptune is co-ruler of the 12.

For the USA's part, of course military operations elsewhere in the region make it unlikely that a full scale ground assault is likely. But that doesn't take some kind of military option off the table, and in Nov of this year, we can expect to hear more talk of this w/possible action being taken, as SA Mars=Sun/Uranus comes into view. If not then, then definitely by Aug 08, as SA Mars=Satun/Uranus comes into focus. The plan is simple: bleed the Iranian government of resources through sanctions, international criticism etc, and then order targeted airstrikes on the suspected nuclear weapons sites. Cruise missle strikes from naval vessels in the Persian Gulf are also possible, probably in conjunction w/the aforementioned airstrikes. If it comes to that, and the astrological evidence suggests that it might, its definitely a better option than if Israel did it, who just recently had a border skirmish w/Syria, and where murmors were afoot that Syrians were attempting to test WMD. The link between Syria and Iran, is well established and documented.

Simply put, Iran cannot be allowed to have a nuclear weapons program-it would spark off an Arab arms race, truly destabilize the region, and provoke Israel into taking unilateral action in the name of asserting its right to exist in the face of persistent threats from hostile enemies all around. Overthrow of the current regime in Iran doesn't seem likely, the people aren't there yet and there aren't any signs of such a thing.

The USA will step in.




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