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Hatin' On Mu: An Open Letter To Astrologer Claudia Dikinis

Hatin' On Mu: An Open Letter To Astrologer Claudia Dikinis

3:50 AM 11/04/2007 Sun

When you've dedicated your life to being an Astrological Public Intellectual, one who colors outside the politically correct, hard-Left partylines that are facistically imposed upon you by the groupthink of our current day Astrological Community like me, it ain't long before you run into a bit of trouble. People have problems with what you write and say, especially because they don't jibe with the prescribed notions such folks have - what?-me, an African American, a Conservative? Pro Life? A Muslim? AND an astrologer? Perish the thought for having the gall to speak my own mind!

As you can imagine, the hatemail is plentiful in my emailbox; I must get oh, about 5-10 such emails a week. One of these days I'll have to put them all together and post them up in the usual places for all to see. But for now I would like to take one such series of "letters", written recently by one Claudia Dikinis, an astrologer of some standing from Southern California.

I got wind of this by way of one of my many contacts throughout the Internet, and for those who think they know who it is, trust me, you don't. Most of these people have seen what Facism really looks like, and would never speak out publicly against the out and out bigotry, anti-intellectualism, and downright hatred many of these supposed "light and love" folks - folks like Dikinis - espouse, lest they too be tarred, feathered, and subject to a hi-tech lynching. People like Dikinis oppose all that they claim to stand for - freedom of speech, freedom of association, and most of all, the marketplace of ideas. So these folks, the un-named friends of mine, they never say anything publicly; they just send me emails and postings and the like from time to time, especially when they think I might be interested in the content.

Recently I got an email of some public comments Dikinis made about me, a supposed legal threat to take action against me if I attempted to contact her. Now, those of you who know me well know that I dont take too kindly to threats, even from those who are old enough to be my grandma. So I've decided not only to post this Open Letter on the usual haunts, but to send it to Ms. Dikinis - three times.

OK, so let me set this up and give a bit of background - back in the Spring of 2006 I ran accross a website called Astroworld.Us. Obstensibly it's supposed to be a Political Astrology website where bloggers get together and post their thoughts and analyses on the political happenings of the day. In truth however, it is little more than a shill for the Dems in astrological drag. The core of Astroworld are in the main a bunch of White, middle-aged hippychicks who never got over the Woodstock Experience and still think it's 1967 - and if you read the stuff that's on this site, they sound like it. The astrological analysis leaves a good bit to be desired, and most of the posts are little more than sycophantic cut-and-pastes from Leftwing blogs and sites. I was on there to do battle with the Astro-Radical Left for a few weeks before they acted like the true facists they are and banned me. Please notice that those on the hard Left hate to actually have to debate folks, a tacit admission that they have the weakest of rhetorical arguments.

Anyway, after being told by Astroworld's founder, Sally Cheyne McDonald, that they will not publish my articles because I was a Conservative (like I said, the REAL Bigots are on the Left), I decided to rifle through the astrologer's links section of the site, and came accross "Starcats", which is Dikinis' site. Clicking on it, I could see right away why she is one of Sally's ace boon coon. The site is a shrine to Anti-Bush Hate, and a Lesson in How To Swing from Al Gore's Left Testicle, 101.

Now, I saw on Dikinis' Starcats site an article written about the then-move by the state of South Dakota to challenge Roe v Wade. Dikinis's piece while well written, had some features about it I wanted to challenge, and decided to write her about it, as well as letting her know upfront who I was, what I was about, and the piece I had written about Roe v Wade a year earlier, which can be found at, in the Jan 2005 entries. In fact, I invite everyone reading this to do a comparitive analysis of both my and Dikinis' pieces on the subject, paying particular attention to the timing factors mentioned by the both of us - and look at the results, several years later. The results should speak for themselves.

Maybe Dikinis might want to consider retiring. She's old enough for AARP membership, I believe.

SPECIAL NOTE: Since then I've written another piece astrologically tracking the ongoing Roe Debate; last month a piece called "Astrological Considerations Of Roe v Wade - For Men" appeared on my blogsite, and in other venues on the Internet. One has to ask, in light of the current row between myself and Dikinis - would she be as gung-ho for "Roe For Men" as she is for "choice" for women? Things that make you go, hmmm...

So, with that said, this is what Claudia Dikinis said about me, on the Astroworld site, Oct 14, 15 and 16, 2007, in the thread called "Albert Gore Jr.":

Dikinis Assault Number One:"I'd never heard of Mumin Bey or his crew until he showed up, uninvited, in my email a year or so ago. To make a long story short, he, like Michael and other Muminites who show up on this blog and others, are self-appointed astro-Jihadists who believe they have a mission to preach a backward, bigoted "truth" to we who are "unenlightened."
I was even set up by a Muminite who tried to pass herself off as a woman who'd had an abortion and desperately wanted an astrology reading from me. I declined (this all took place by email) and advised that she connect with a physician and therapist in her local area. This occurred right after I'd done an article on about Roe v. Wade.

It is obvious that I support a woman's right to choose, but this should not be confused with the Right Wing bait and switch game of "that means you're pro-abortion." Jesus Christ, having the right to choose also means having the right NOT to choose to have an abortion. The idea of choice voids the stupidity of the childish argument.

These types act as though a woman who has to choose to terminate a pregnancy is some kind of harpie that best be punished by rituals straight from the Malleus Malificarum (Morgana, ya' dig?) I mean, is the corn being blighted again by us bitches who believe in Age of Enlightnment reasoning?

The woman did not give up. She began pestering me for a reading and I'd pretty much identified her as a Muminite. What gave me chills:

She wanted my phone number and ADDRESS so she could "mail me a check" for a reading. This is after I'd already declined to read for her.

That scared me because it crossed another line. Why did she persist in getting my personal information when I'd already made it clear I would not read for her? Was this so that "someone" would have access to my house in order to harass or even harm me? That's when I contacted my attorney.

This is what I advise everyone on AW to do when you see Michael, or a Muminite or any other self-styled troll appear on this or any other blog.

DO NOT FOR ANY REASON RESPOND TO THEM. IGNORE HIM AND ALL LIKE HIM. [not screaming]. When he or others like him cease to attention in the community, they -- like THE BORG -- will move on to suck out some other universe.

It would be good to report any such harassers to AFAN's legal arm. Astrodatabank's complaints against Mumin Bey and others of his ilk are on file with AFAN and other such astrological organizations. We really don't need to suffer these asses.

It better not start up in my email again either or there will be hell to pay. I actually do have legal remedies available to me, per advice given me by my attorney (and a friend at AFAN) the last time the Pox People invaded my email account.


Posted by Claudia at October 14, 2007 12:37 AM"

Dikinis Assault Number Two:"Micheal, Bullshit. You got nothin'. I haven't libeled MuMu and I haven't said anything that has had any negative impact on his capacity to earn his living. I mean, where's your proof for damages? Did he suddenly have to file bankruptcy in the last 72 hours because of posts on Sally's astrology blog!? Bwaahahahaaa!

If you're really a lawyer, how do you get "libel" from a truthful account I gave of his abusive emails to me? And of the phony reading scam one of his adherents tried to rope me into? That's not libel. That's simply truth -- I can prove it. And because I can prove it, you don't even have a simple MuMu defamation claim.

My attorney is in possession of the original emails complete with headers, so don't threaten me, little man. Not a good idea. Either you (or your Moomy) bring on a lawsuit against me RIGHT NOW or STFU.

You don't have jack and you know it.

He and that girl did exactly what I said they did. If harm were to come to me as a result of that harassment, I'm the one who would have a case. Give it up, Michael. I'm the injured party here. Not your dear little Moomy.

Why do you think I kept those emails? If that nutty girl turned up on my door step, or one her or MuMu's agents, representatives, assigns, employees, etc., showed up and caused me harm, or came simply to annoy, harass or vex me, I would definitely have a lawsuit. I can't stop emails from flowing to me, but I can hit back lawfully against someone who aggresses against my person. That was the point I was making. You know that. But you've been quick to misjudge me.You sought to intimidate by playing your bogus "libel" card. Baaaaaaaad idea.

Like I say, BRING IT, or STFU. You don't scare me. I spent 17 years working as a legal assistant and/or paralegal with some of the finest attorneys in the country. I have wide, wide access and plenty of favors I can call in."

(Back To Mu)OK. Let me stop laughing and address the completely assinine comments Ms. Dikinis has made here.

First, let's take it from the top - remember what I said about how I first got wind of Dkinis in the first place, and how I wrote her? Here's her response to that email, which was respectfully written by me, and then my follow-up, to which she never responded - nice.
Afterward, I'll answer her other charges.

Dialouges(?) With Claudia Dikinis, Mar 2006

"Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2006 18:15:09 -0800 (PST) From: "Claudia Dikinis" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more Subject: Re: Roe v. Wade Astrology Articles To: "Mu'Min Bey" <> Dear Mu'Min,
Thank you for your interest in my work. I appreciate your contacting me.

Here's my opinion, for what it's worth: I think that there is a vast difference between the practice of political astrology and esoteric (soul) astrology. To try and do both things at one time is a mixing of apples and oranges.

Political or Mundane astrology is about what's taking place in Saturn's realm. It's the dark earth realm, and it doesn't accommodate us one way or another. We have a right to express our opinions, but so far as Saturn and dense, material manifestation are concerned, politics and mundane issues are jolting and crass.

Esoteric astrology, on the other hand, seeks to explore the numinous, the divine, and to extrapolate from deep inner experiences and metaphysical studies, the meaning of life, the origins of life, etc., etc., etc. That is the proper place to opine on whether or not life begins at conception or in a petri dish in a lab. It can't be proven or disproven just as the existence of God can't be proven or disproven. Therefore, these become articles of faith. They are not evidence.

I advocate a separation of church and state even in astrology. Keep mundane with mundane and keep esoteric with esoteric. Christ said it best: "Render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's. Render unto me what is mine." I think he advocated pretty well for the separation of church and state.

You are free to do as you wish and advocate for what you want. Go right ahead and mix apples with oranges or water for chocolate. It is your right. I, of course, am going to continue doing exactly as I see fit, too. I think our divide is really so deep that there really is no reason to pretend a dialogue. The last time I said "yes" to someone who wanted to "dialogue, I was ruthlessly attacked by the very person who pretended to care. I found out the hard way that this was his intention all along.

I have learned to respond kindly and then let it go.....

Best of luck to you,
Claudia D. Dikinis"

Mu Follow-Up Email, Mar 2006

"Hi Again Claudia,

Been thinking much about our comments regarding the subject matter of Roe v. Wade; your comments in particular were quite provocative, and prompted yet another reply from me.
In your piece on your website regarding the recent South Dakota anti-abortion law's passing, you mention the role of Uranus in the SD chart; "big, bold new ideas" are in the offing for the state, you say, with the people there having "to make hard choices" regarding marriage and so on. Clearly, the reality shows us, that the people have indeed made those choices, within the context of the legislative process, which is how laws should be made, not by judicial fiat. Uranus, represents, as you well know, the people's right to govern themselves - and indeed, in our times these days, it is a radical notion to speak openly on one's preference for traditional marriage and all that it entails.

Your mention of the Neptune-Pluto conjunction in the SD chart, is also interesting and, when taken within the context of your following comments regarding Hitler's chart, also misleading, if not an example of hyperbole that often comes with what I call Astrological Left thinking. Indeed Claudia, if one were to study the charts of the those involved in World War 2 in a high profile way, one is bound to see many people being born Neptune and Pluto in conjunction. Charles DeGaulle, is but one example, and again, as you know, France as we know it today would not exist were it not for him; he was perhaps Hitler's greatest Western European enemy outside of Churchill himself.

Finally, in both your website article and in your recent email to me, you mention the role that Venus in Capricorn and Saturn play in mundane astrological affairs respectively; I say it's no accident that Roe v. Wade would be upheld by the US Supreme Court on a day when Venus would be in Capricorn - because this placement, which is one of the most maligned placements in all of Astrology, actually asks us to get our heads out of the airy clouds of intellectualism or rivers of emotionalism, and deal with some hard, often harsh truths here on the ground. While you suggest that my stance regarding abortion is more akin to articles of faith (not being able to make a hard case for it because I cannot prove when Life begins), I would suggest that my real beef with Abortion-on-Demand - and let's be clear here, Claudia, this IS what the debate is all about - reflects the reality of Venus in Capricorn. While it might have been a necessary evil to put up with Roe v. Wade in the early 70s - when birth control for both men and women were still very much in its nascent stages - in our times where availability of birth control is both so widespread and effective, there is simply no excuse for a woman to get pregnant if she doesn't want to. None. Not only is birth control highly effective as mentioned, but it's also in many cases low cost - and I happen to know for fact that where I live, here in Philly - women can get birth control (like "the pill" etc.) FOR FREE. Similarly, men can also get condoms for free, and this I know for a fact, because one of my best friends works in an anti-HIV group and once gave me a box of condoms so large it could have lasted me 5 years. Seriously.

This is what Venus in Capricorn, and Saturn by extension, asks of us - to be responsible and to be held accountable for our decisions. Simply put, ideas, actions, choices, all have profound, often life changing consequences for good or ill. Sex is in many ways the ultimate act of a free adult - and with those Uranian freedoms come responsibilities. You may have the "right" to your sexuality (something which I deeply question; I think it's fair to say that it's more of a privilege than a "right"), but you also have the responsibility/duty to deal with the consequences that flow from you exercising your "rights" in that arena. As one who was born with both Venus in Capricorn and Uranus in Libra, I have given much, deep thought to these issues for a very, very long time, and can truly understand the core of the current abortion debate.

Finally - you say the following regarding Saturn: "Political or Mundane astrology is about what's taking place in Saturn's realm. It's the dark earth realm, and it doesn't accommodate us one way or another. We have a right to express our opinions, but so far as Saturn and dense, material manifestation are concerned, politics and mundane issues are jolting and crass."

Yet, without Saturn nothing would exist in material form. For better or for worse, we need that which Saturn represents in our lives; and contrary to your stance regarding Saturn, from all that I have studied, Saturn represents and has a love of order, structure and everyone playing by the rules. I agree with you that it's impossible to "prove" matters of Faith - but, my Islamic tradition tells me that it IS possible to make an objective judgement about one's actions, which no doubt issues from some sort of mindset, belief or outlook on the world. Saturn represents the same principle; he is not interested with the philosophical underpinnings of a given action, only the action itself and what has resulted from it.

Furthermore, unlike Uranus, who is almost always concerned with the individual, Saturn asks what is best for "the common good". Therefore, one's "personal" actions have an effect on Society at Large, and indeed, in the years since Roe v. Wade came down, there have been a wave of social changes that have not been good for our country. As an African American, I can tell you of many of those changes and how they've greatly weakened and harmed the Black Family in ways that the Klan and Jim Crow never could (when Black father in the home rates exceeded 60%; today, it's below 40%); I need not make any of this up, nor is it hyperbole, and nearly everyone talks about such things when behind closed doors and assured of their company.

I could go on, but by now I'm certain you get my point, and again, there's no need at all on my point to antagonize you, etc. Just a desire to discuss these issues, which are important to us all in a calm yet candid manner.

Thanks again for the dialogue.


As you might guess, Ms. Dikinis, you're not the only one who keeps their email exchanges.
Again, I invite all reading this to checkout her site and mine for the relevant articles, put them together with the above exchange, and come to your own conclusions.

Now, to Dikinis' charges levelled against me...

One: I have not emailed Dikinis since our exchange, which I have posted above, since Mar 2006. I have mentioned her, Sally and Astroworld in my writings, emails and postings, and there is no illegality in that regard as they are public figures who've made their writings and thoughts public, and to which I have the right to publicly, disagree. Therefore, her assertion that I have contacted her again since then, and until now, is baseless, without merit, unprovable at all, and is indicative of a hysterical old woman.

Two: "Muminites"??? LOL!!! Wow. Well, first off, anyone who knows me knows that I certainly don't need anyone to do my job for me, least of all a woman. I have no idea who that lady who was giving Dikinis a (much needed, from what I tell of the photo on her site) workout, and I certainly didn't (nor wouldn't) send her. And I'm willing to take a polygraph to that effect to prove it. But the trick here is, Dikinis would have to prove that I was behind such a wildeyed conspiracy theory to begin with - that's the way the law works, last time I heard. Good luck, you're going to need all those favors, from what I read on your site I don't think you could afford the lawyer's fees.

Three: The email exchange I sent is truthful and factual, and at no time did I say anything that anyone, anywhere, at anytime, could interpret as "abusive". Only delusional middle-aged women, who most likely don't have a man (hence all the cats) would even dream up such a thing. Then they have the gall to go and take potshots at me when they know I don't have a chance to defend myself. Oh yea, Dikinis, very brave - and sporting - of you. I'm quaking in my boots.

Four: I invite everyone reading this to compare now, Dikinis' site and mine, and then we'll make a determination as to who the court is likely to believe is the more rational and sane one here, especially when comparing the predictive outcomes of our pieces. Just for a few quick examples, Dikinis posts an email exchange about the probable birthdate of the wretched terrorist killer, Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi; I took it a step further, by not only rectifying his chart, but also giving a prediction of his likely end, to within a few months of its actual occurance. She posts several articles on the probable future of Al Gore, the most recent of which is an exercise and exposition again, in swinging off one's testicles. If you go to, you'll find an extensive Vedic piece written by me on the future of Al Gore, written more than three years ago, talking about the strong likelihood that he wouldn't seek elective office again, and his probable future as some kind of humanitarian ambassador. In fact, just comparing the weight and heft of each site says it all - in just under two years I've published upwards of 100 articles and papers on my blogsite, and that's not including pieces like the one on Gore, ranging from local, national and international events and issues, utilizing at least two systems of astrology, Western and Vedic. My predictions are made public, and when they haven't panned out I say so. I have a demonstrated track record of teaching astrology for five years at one of the best known universities in the country, Temple, and I've founded two internet forums where ALL VOICES have a seat at the table, not just those who tow the partyline.

Here's the bottomline, Ms. Dikinis - if you think you have a case, then prosecute. By the time you've seen this, it'll be all over the Internet, plus you'll have it in your emailbox three times over. You'll have all the reason in the world to make a case, but the trick is to make it stick. I have your comments - character assaults and assassination attempts in truth - posted above and on file. I've been in contact with my legal team and have given them instructions to defend and to countersue with extreme prejudice. You have no idea on Earth who you're messin' with - I will wax that flat azz of yours like Mr. Miyagi. I see your challenge, and I pump up the volume to Cerwin Vega levels. You wanna make a fight, you know exactly where to find me.
Now - YOU bring it on, Grannie - or YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP.

And Have a Nice Day!:)

Mu'Min M. Bey
November, 2007, Philadelphia PA
Founder & Inaugural Chairman, University Of Astrology
Blogmaster, Mu'Min Bey Astroblog


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, it sounds like you're really in love with her, or something! You express so much petty hatred... I like my astrologers to have a modicum of spiritual advancement, but reading your comments, I must admit that you came across as quite basic on your opinions; not only basic, but fear-based and egoistic. And belive me, this has nothing to do with politics or my views on abortion. I'd never heard of this lady before, either (she IS a better writer, though.) I think it's a much more complicated issue than you present. Let go of your sweeping generalizations! For your own good. Sorry my friend, but I believe you need to use your astrological skills to cure some deep wounds within yourself first. Good luck.

12:36 AM  
Blogger Mu'Min M. Bey said...

Didn't know I had any friends named "Anonymous". Nice to meet ya! Of course I'll take fully any unsolicited advice offered by a Phantom who doesn't have the temerity to afix their name to what they write. Very helpful. Yea, right.


9:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What little I did read, shows that you have a severe issue with women. I would check into that.

1:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...least of all a woman." You gave it all away right there. Why is that - would a woman not be capable of the task? You wouldn't trust a woman to do it? Would it be unchivalrous, because women need to be protected from the unpleasantness? I really can't think of any good way of meaning that; it speaks volumes about what the others have observed.

5:43 AM  

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