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Hillary's Rumble In The Jungle: The Philly Debate

Hillary's Rumble In The Jungle: The Philly Debate

6:20 AM 11/04/2007 Sun

The past week's Democratic Presidential Candidate's Debate here in my hometown of Philly finally brought home The Sum of All Fears to frontrunner Hillary Rodham Clinton. In a word, she got piled on by most of the Democrat field - Obama and Edwards, who sandwiched her on the stage, took repeated shots at her from everything from the Iraq War to her stance on Social Security. Fellow candidates Chris Dodd and Joe Biden brought up the rear and got in a couple of digs for good measure. But what really did Hillary in, was her Kerryesque "I voted for it before I voted against it" answer regarding New York Governor Elliot Spitzer's move to grant driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. It was almost as if Tim Russert's persistent questioning for clarity from the Junior New York Senator acted to hold Hillary in place while the the rest of the fellas took a rhetorical two-by-four to her head, cracking her over the top for every "nuanced" answer she tried to give.

What a night. What a fight!

Of course, this had to happen to Hillary, sooner or later - she's leading the pack by as much as 30-plus points, and her campaign has been working hard to give her candidacy the "aura of inevitability". This means that all of the rest of the pack - particularly Obama and Edwards - would have to take the kid gloves off and land some solid punches, now more than ever, since we're in the homestretch to next year's extra early Primaries.

All of the pundits seem to agree that Hillary dropped the ball bigtime the other night, and flows in lockstep with my published predictions for the former First Lady, written in Jan of this year:
"Just a quick glance at the transits tell the story - not only is Clinton in the midst of her 2nd Saturn Return - a key period in the lives of politicians - but so too, is she under the cloud of a Neptune transit, in square to her Asc and Mercury, and opposed her natal Saturn position all year long. Transit Saturn will also square her Mercury this year, and this, along with Neptune's role, as well as Mercury and the 3rd House, all point to Hillary possibly getting herself into some serious trouble either making gaffes and/or some kind of rumor/secret tumbling out of the closet that she didn't want exposed to the light of day. Neptune is the Planet of Scandal for politicians, and if anyone should know what that's all about, it's the Clintons."

- Hillary Rodham Clinton: America's Iron Lady? Jan 2007

It's too interesting to note that in Clinton's natus, we see that she has Mercury Rx in Scorpio - and during the debates, Mercury was still Rx. Mercury also represents documents like driver's licenses. Hmm.

This just might prove to be the Autumn of Hillary's Discontent, as she is in the midst of some very, very difficult astrological measurements; the hard times may just be getting started for her. On the basis of my researches into her life, I opted for the 8AM birthtime for Mrs. Clinton, and laidout my Fall 2007 Predictive Picture for the Senator, as follows, and taken from the same article above:

"Additionally, we can note four specific time periods that augur real challenges for Clinton this year: Apr with SA MC=Saturn/Pluto; Jul, with SA Sun=Mars/Saturn; Oct, with SA MC=Uranus/Neptune, and Dec with SA Sun=Saturn/Pluto. All of these measurements suggest extreme levels of discomfort, duress, setback, loss. Although Clinton is the unofficial frontrunner for now, it is by no means a lock."

If you will note the Oct-Dec "bookends", she is right in the middle of that period right now, and this is important since the earlier hit focuses on the MC point per the 8AM birthtime. Also, please note the 12 house position of Mercury in this early morning chart, suggesting a gaffe that she didn't want going out to the public; Russert made mention of the apparent fact that Hillary said to someone out in Iowa that she thought it was a good idea for Spitzer to give licenses to illegals. This was overheard by an AP reporter, and the rest, as we say, is history.

So - will last week's drubbing Hillary took stick? Will it act to drag down her poll numbers, and give an opening to her competitors?

From my researches, it would seem so. She's under some very heavy, difficult measurements that at the very least she her having to really grind it out just to keep her head above water. At the worst, another series of gaffes and/or secrets tumbling out into the open could really put Hillary up a creek. Recall the Norman Hsu Scandal - which might not go away as quietly as the "Hill Raisers" would like.

Last week's debate is supposedly one of six, and there'll be more before the Primaries. Here's the outlook, again from my Jan 2007 article on Hillary:

"Mu's Prediction: At this early juncture in the campaign, more events will have to transpire before we can go further. But what we know now is this - there seems to be rumors that Bill's up to his old tricks again, despite getting help for his sex addiction. Another affair on his part, brought out into public view could all but destroy any chance Hillary could have for becoming President of the United States. Additionally, Hillary has to walk an extremely fine line with respect to the War in Iraq, something that will become harder and harder to do as the year wears on, as both Obama and Edwards press their claims for being anti-war from the get-go. And then there's the "social issues" like Abortion and Gay Marriage, still very much in play, that threaten to rear their heads and force Hillary into a very real corner - somehow she'll need to hang on to both the Single Woman and Gay/Lesbian Vote, while at the same time, appealing to the Moderate American Vote, who seems to favor limiting Abortion, and putting the stops on Gay Marriage. Her best bet is to use Bill as sparingly as possible on the campaign, reserving him for stumping in the Black Community and her high level donor meetings and the like, but as noted above, the Fall of 2007 looks especially challenging, due to the aforementioned factors, although the better part of the year overall isn't rosy by all means. She will need to be extra, extra careful before the press, but doing this can also present the picture of her again being too scripted and controlling. It's a tough, rough spot for her to be in, and it's hard to see how it'll get easier over the course of the year. Nonetheless, Hillary Rodham Clinton is a force to be reckoned with, has proven herself to be a careful planner, and has put herself closer to the White House than any woman before her. She could indeed become America's Iron Lady - God help us.
Stay tuned..."


SPECIAL NOTE: My colleague Gary Caton recently wrote an article on Mrs. Clinton, where he gives his reasoning for why she was born at night, rather than in the morning, and uses as the basis of his views the ancient Hellenistic methods. This article appeared in Fall 2007 NCGR Newsletter, and, according to Mr. Caton, will form the basis of his talk at the upcoming UAC Conference in May 2007 at Denver. Since I'm a big fan of Peer Review and Critique, I thought to present an alternate view to his piece, which will be appearing soon. Watch for it.



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