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How Astrology Could Have Cracked The Duke Lacrosse Sex Scandal Case

How Astrology Could Have Cracked The Duke Lacrosse Sex Scandal Case

5:14 AM 03/10/2007 Sat

It's been a year since one of the biggest scandals ever to hit an American univeristy took place. On Mar 13 2006, Crystal Gail Mangum, an African American stripper, accused three White male Duke Univeristy students of beating and gang-raping her during a party where she was hired to entertain the three men and their friends for the night. The allegations was one of the biggest stories of 2006, igniting a firestorm of controversey surrounding themes of privilege, race, sex and class. But shortly after the charges against the three students were filed, questions about Mangum's alleagations began to emerge; by year's end, the charges were dropped against the accused, with Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong being investigated for possible prosecutorial mistconduct and willfully witholding key evidence that could have exonerated the accused - it appears that Mangum's story was totally false, and, evidence shows from DNA testing, that not only were any of the men accused involved in raping her, but that there was evidence that Mangum had been involved with several other men prior to the events of Mar 13. The case serves as a learning experience for us all, in light of this being Women's History Month.

How can Astrology be helpful in such a case? Some of my colleagues might argue that it can't; others may suggest that, if the charts of the parties involved are known, that might provide some clues. I would like to make the proposition that the Horary Method is the way to go - and I give as prima facia evidence, the words of the great William Lilly.

In his monumental classic, Christian Astrology, Lilly gives a horary that has to do with whether a "Rumor be true"; on page 200, he gives his analysis:
"A Report that Cambridge was Taken by the King's Forces; if true?"

Question background: "In the yeer 1643, His Majesties Army being then Rampant, severall Reports were given out, that his Majesty had taken Cambridge, &c. a wel-affected person enquires of me, if the newes were true or false? Whereupon I erected the Figure ensuing, and gave Judgment: All that we heard was untruth, and that the Towne neither was, or should be taken by Him or his Forces."

This is the 7th horary question from "Christian Astrology", page 200
Horary chart data: April 21, 1643 NS, 4:29 pm GMT, London (00w10, 51n30; 4 Lib 47, using Placidus Houses)

"First, I considered that the Angles were all moveable, and that Mars did vitiate the cusp of the 10th, and Saturn the cusp of the 7th, one argument the Report was false.

Secondly, I found the Moon cadent, and in Gemini, a Signe wherein she nothing delights; a second strong evidence of a false rumor.

Thirdly, I found North Node on the cusp of the Ascendant, a Signe of good to the Parliment, for the 1st house signified that honorable Society: I found Venus Lady of the Ascendant, and our Significatrix, in her Exaltation; but Mars, Lord of our Enemies Ascendant, viz. the 7th, entering his Fall, viz. Cancer, and afflicted by Square of Saturn; I saw the Moon seperating from Jupiter, placed in the 7th and transferring his light and virtue to Venus, which gave me reason to expect, that there would come good to us or our side from this report or Rumour, and no benefit to our Enemies: I saw Mars and Saturn in a Square, which assured me our Enemies were so full of division and treason, and thwarting one anothers Designes, that no good should come unto them upon this Report; and so in short, I judged Cambridge was not taken, and what we heard of its taking were lyes."

It is quite clear here that Lilly is basing his judgment in the main on the condition of the 7th House and its ruler, which represents the King and his armies; being in Fall, (Mars ruling the 7th) and approaching square to Saturn, a first rate Malefic, Lilly then takes the rumor he hears to be false (and we can take this analysis a step further - note the Mutual Reception between Mars and Saturn, making matters even worse for the King's men). Lilly additionally notes that Venus, which rules the Asc and the Parliament of Britain at the time, to be stronger than the King and his men, for Venus is exalted in Pisces. It's an open-and-shut case.

Taking a modern approach to this horary, we can easily see that Neptune is in the 3rd House - Mercury and the 3rd represent rumors - and Neptune's presence here only means that you can't believe what you hear. The ruler of the 3rd House is Pluto, itself only recently opposing Neptune, suggesting again a false report. Mercury's presence in the 7th and conjunct Jupiter, could give one the impression that the rumor could be true; however, we have to keep in mind that the dispositor of both Mercury and Jupiter is Mars, which as earlier noted, is in Fall and in harsh applying aspect to Saturn. Again, it's an open-and-shut case.

So the horary done by Lilly definitely gives us some clues and direction as to how to correctly judge if an allegation, report or charge is indeed true - but, there is no "Querent" in the Duke case - no one came forward to pose the question to an astrologer, at least as far as I know. How then, to proceed?

The answer to this question lies in the book "The Moment of Astrology" by Geoffrey Corneilus, a deeply profound British Horary practitioner. He suggests that Astrology's true purpose is as a tool of divining meaning of the world's events and happenings "in the moment". His book and its premise is a very interesting departure from all of the more humanistic and psychologically oriented astrological literature that has been so pervasive over the past few decades, and repays close study by the astrologer.

In the spirit of "The Moment of Astrology" then, I would like to propose the following chart based on the Duke Lacrosse case, as a way to see whether the allegations made by Mangum were indeed true or false:

Duke Lacrosse Sex Scandal "Horary" Tue Mar 14 2006 1.30AM EST Durham NC; Placidus 22 Sag 48, Wikipedia

This data is based on a timeline of events given in Wikipedia and orginally compiled by Duke's school newspaper staff. At 1.30AM, a police officer was called to a Kroger market, where Mangum and her fellow stripper were out in the parking lot having an argument in the other stripper's car; Mangum refused to get out. When the police officer arrived at the scene, he said that she didn't need medical attention, but was just drunk. A short time after he arrived, other police arrived on the scene, at which point Mangum was then taken to Duke hospital, and it was at this point she makes the allegation that she was raped. And the rest, as they say, is history.

I think this map is a telling testimony of the night's events, and Mangum's ultimate lie about her being raped. Consider the following:

1. Sagittarius rises on the Asc - a college campus - with Pluto in the Asc, conjunct the Asc (Sex, Rape) and in Mutual Reception with Jupiter, the Lord of the Ascendant, in Scorpio and placed in the 11th House (11th traditionally associated with Aquarius - the one of the Signs that represents the legs, the others being Capricorn and for our purposes here, Sagittarius; "exotic dancing"). Although there are many other features of this chart that contribute to its radicality, these alone point to the efficacy of this map, and its fitness to give witness as to the true nature of the night's events. It certainly describes the situation as we all know it.

2. Mercury, representing Mangum, rules the Gemini 7th (more than one story, "the Trickster") and is not only in Fall in Pisces, but is also Rx to boot!-and in the 3rd House of Rumors & Lies. Note that, as is the case in the Lilly "Rumor" horary, Neptune again is involved in the 3rd House, and note that with Mercury and Jupiter having made a trine to each other, that there was indeed contact between her and the Duke students; but with Jupiter's applying square to Neptune, it wasn't rape as Mangum initially charged. The heavy influence of alcohol and/or drugs is evident as well, as seen in the strong accents on Pisces and Neptune with regard to the ruler of the 7th, again, representing Mangum.

3. We can also note the Moon's position in this "horary" - it's Cadent, in a Mutable Sign, Peregrine (classically) and opposes its dispositor who is Fallen. The Moon is in the 9th, a derivative 3rd House for the 7th, Mangum; this weakened Lunar position here confirms that her rape allegations were false. Again, note the position of the Moon in Lilly's "Rumor" horary. Hmm.

Concluding Thoughts
It is clear from all of this that Horary can and should be consulted when such grave matters such as these come up; as is usually the case with Astrology, so often it can zero-in on matters in ways that other means of investigation has yet to do, even in our Age of technological sophistication. A final thought is in order - last year, around the time the Duke case first broke, I wrote a piece about this within the larger context of Eve Ensler's work and life, "The Vagina Monologues". I suggested then that one of the dark sides of the Feminist Era was the rampant abuse of power that many women today enjoy. All it takes for a woman to wreck a man's life is to accuse him of abuse and/or rape, and even if eventually proven to be false, the damage to that man's good name will have been done. Already one of the Duke students accused had to dropout due to the scandal, and it's hard to see how any of the accused will be able to live down the "judgment" of the Court of Public Opinion. Although it is truly disturbing, it is sadly not surprising that none of the Women's Movement's loudest voices, are so coldly silent on these and other matters. With Women's History Month upon us, this sad tale should give us all in general, and women in particular, something to seriously think about.

Special thanks to the good folks over at for the info on Lilly's "Rumor" horary.



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