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Barack Obama & The Jeremiah A. Wright Controversey

Barack Obama & The Jeremiah A. Wright Controversey
by Mu'Min M. Bey

15 Mar 2008, 03:15 AM

And the hits just keep comin’...

Last week here in the Forum we tackled the endorsement of Min. Louis Farrakhan of Illinois Senator and Presidential Candidate Barack Obama. As many of you know, that discussion was quite heated. This week’s discussion looks to be no less heated, because, unlike Farrakhan’s case, Obama has a documented and longstanding association w/Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, the Senior Pastor of Chicago’s mammoth Trinity United Church in Christ.

Wright has apparently given a number of sermons over the years from an Afrocentirc point of view that some would consider inflammatory; his final sermon before retiring last month, and shown widely on YouTube, shows Wright speaking some quite harsh words wrt race relations in America, and why in his view Obama is fit to be President.

For his part, Obama has been aggressivle making the media rounds, making clear his denunciation of Wright’s statements, and even going so far as to put his remarks in writing in an article Obama wrote on Mar 14 2008 for The Huffington Post.

Jeremiah A. Wright was born on Sep 22 1941 in Philadelphia PA, according to Wikipedia. The Solarscope gives witness to Wright’s firey temperment: Moon and Mercury in Libra opposed Mars in Aries Rx. He also has a Sun-Neptune conjunction in late Virgo, and interestingly, Wright stepped down as head pastor just as transit Pluto left Sagittarius and entered Capricorn, squaring Wright’s Sun, and SA Mercury=Sun, exact in Apr 2008.

For Obama’s part, as previously mentioned in postings by me wrt his astrological masurements coming out of Super Tuesday in Feb, we can expect him to come under increasingly tough scrutiny. In Feb, Obama had his Big Solar Arc Semi Square, SA Pluto=Moon/MC and SA Jupiter=Mercury exact last month; additionally, transit Pluto opposed his Venus, and for our discussion, TRANSIT URANUS SITS RIGHT ON THE "MU TEST" RECTIFICATION CHART!!! This is yet another confirmation of the 4AM birthtime selected by me, and written about extensively in previous articles and posts.

When we compare Wright’s Solarscope to Obama’s chart, we can note several key contacts:

Wright’s Saturn sits right on Obama’s Moon

Wright’s Pluto conjuncts Obama’s Asc ruling Mercury and Sun

Wright’s Neptune conjuncts Obama’s Mars

Wright’s Venus conjuncts Obama’s Neptune

These are some powerful contacts and speaks to the former’s considerable influence on the latter; keep in mind that the title of Obama’s book "The Audacity of Hope" comes directly from one of Wright’s sermons.

Going back to the astrological measurements for both men, here is hat e see:
Obama: SA Venus=Saturn/Pluto Apr 2008, w/transit Neptune square Moon and opposed Uranus, Apr-Aug 2008. These are harrowing pictures of a decline of popularity, confusion, bewilderment and worse.

Wright: SA Saturn=Pluto Nov, and SA Mars=Sun Dec 2008, w/transit Pluto returning to Sagittarius to square Wright’s Sun a final time, from Aug to Nov 2008. These pictures suggest great difficulty, setbacks, loss, duress and a sense of being "under attack".

The overall picture seems to be, as we head into the all important Pennsylvania Democratic Primaries, that Obama will have a harder and harder time attempting to divorce himself from Wright. This comes at the same time as his recent distancing himself from Farrakhan, and former Hillary Clinton Campaign staffer and Vice Presidential Candidate Geraldine Ferraro’s racially provocative remarks. As previously noted in my extensive piece on Obama (which can be found on my site:, he has a difficult time bridging the divide between White and Black America.




Blogger vrajavala said...

Did you mean that you use 4 AM as the birth time for Obama. I believe it has been confirmed that his birth time is 1:06PM.

5:51 PM  
Blogger Mu'Min M. Bey said...

Hi Vrajavala,
The 1.06PM time was one that was given by Frances McEvoy. She recently died, and there is no way to confirm this since no one has seen Obama's birth certificate. According to McEvoy's account, she got the 1.06PM time from being near Obama at a campaign rally; she yeled accross to him the question as to what time he as born, and he supposedly yelled it back. But again, no one knows for sure.

Until we get a confirmed birthtime, his chart is up for astrological grabs. My 4AM birthtime option is done on the basis of a rectification test. So far, so good! This time yields a Tropical Zodiac Asc of 29 Gemini.

Thanks for writing, and don't be a stranger!


6:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

very useful read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did any one know that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.

10:46 AM  

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