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Jason Bourne-Style Astrology

Jason Bourne-Style Astrology
by Mu'Min M. Bey,

02 Mar 2008, 01:17 AM

Movie watchers will be very familiar w/the name "Jason Bourne"; its the signature character role of actor Matt Damon, a CIA "Black Ops" agent who loses his memory while on a mission to assassinate the head of an African nation in France. Based on the hugely popular series of novels by Robert Ludlum, the movies series-The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum-focuses on one man's search to find the truth about himself and his past.
Along the way, we are treated to quite a bit of CIA "tradecraft"-the tools and skills CIA Field Officers use in their deepcover work. Bourne in particular is highly skilled in being able to make use of everyday items in his work, especially when he's in a jam and must defend himself.

In the Bourne Identity, we see Bourne turn a ballpoint pen into a dagger to equalize a fight w/an assassin sent to take him out; in the Bourne Supremacy we see him use a rolled-up magazine as a billyclub (and later uses that same magazine in a toaster in order to blow a house up); and in the Bourne Ultimatum, we see Bourne make use of a hardbound book, then a bath towel, to fend off a next-generation assassin.

The Bourne series of films emphaSizes one key point-that the best operatives aren't the ones who have the fanciest toys, or the latest gadgets, but rather they are the ones who can size up a situation quickly, move and think fast on their feet, and are able to improvise, in a pinch, and in a flash. And very often, a lot more often than not, they are quite "low tech".

Astrologers have much to learn from the Bourne series in this regard, and if I were still teaching at Temple U here in Philly, I would stress my students to carefully study said films. Why, you ask? Excellent question!

Its because so many astrologers I've found over the years-and this is especially true of my generation and the one coming up now-tend to have what I call a "dojo" mentality. What I mean by that is, they look good in the outfits and can go through the motions of the moves and exercises-but when confronted in realtime out on the street, their moves and exercises become ineffective. They look good, sound good, smell good, but they don't work.

Bourne's style of martial arts, on the other hand, is taught and studied in realworld environments, w/quick, efficient and lethal moves, designed to "get to the point" as quickly as possible, while at the same time, inflicting as much damage as possible. Known as Kali (which has direct astrological references), it is one of several Southeast Asian Martial Arts systems that is quite effective. It is the offical form of un-armed combat in use by the Fillipino Marines.

Very few astrologers employ a kind of "Kali-style" astrology, if you know what I mean. They remind me of the nice looking people out in the park doing Tai-Chi, gently swaying all in unison. They look good. But does it realy work in crunchtime?

For example, there will be many instances where a confirmed birth time will be unknown and even in our time, impossible to procure. Does that mean then, that we cannot astrologize? Absolutely not! We have the Solarscope, we have Midpoints and Declinations...we have so many tools at our fingertips that makeup for the lack of birth time. And w/lots of patience and, here's the key, lots of studying of charts, timed and untimed, we learn to get a sense of what "feels right" given the circumstance.

Then there will be instances where a birthtime AND a birthdate will be unavailable. Again, are we to assume then, that we canot astrologize? Absolutely not!-We have Horary astrology, which, if slightly adapted, can be made to "fit" a given situation as needed. In fact, using this style of astrology w/the Solarscope above, can make for some powerful astrology indeed.

Far too many of my peers are too steeped in what I call "touch feely" astrology, and not conversant enough w/everyday objects, items and themes. This limits their astrology to what they know in new-agey or psychological terms, and hobbles them when they're faced w/a "Jason Bourne-like" situation. They can't improvise, can't think fast on their feet, can't get by on their wits. And it shows.

Getting hold of those old books, like the A to Z Horoscope Maker, or Rex Bills' Rulership Book, or Michael Munkasey's House Thesaurus is a must-have for an astrologer who spends most of his or her time out in the field.

This takes me to the ultimate in relying on one's astrological wits-what if you don't have a chart at all in front of you, and no computer to make use of? How do you then size up things astrologically? Simple.

First, the astrologer should always be aware of the current transits, and if possible, they should try to commit to memory the Sign positions of the Outer planets, Jupiter to Pluto, for at least the last decade. Doing this will help if one does get hold of a chart.

Second, learn the astrological rulers of the days of the week; their numerological and color correspondences; how they relate to Palmistry, and learn some of the basics of all of these. Additionally, learn the physical characteristics of the Signs and planetary aspects. With lots of practice, you'll find yourself able to astrologically size someone up w/little to no recourse to astrology.

Third, when you do have a chart, or not, try to focus on the "big tickets" predictively. In a pinch, the transit movements of the Outer planets-Saturn to Pluto-in hard aspect to the Lights and/or Angles-almost always does the trick. Don't worry about the rest of the chart-you want to hit the major points in as quick and efficient a manner as possible. Far too many astrologers get stuck on astrological predictive stupid by being bogged down in transits and progressions overload. Don't worry about all that other stuff, that'll come later when your back at the lab.

DON'T BE AFRAID TO BE WRONG. This is the one truly bad habit astrologers have, and they'd be best to drop it fast. Being wrong is a blessing in disguise, because it helps you get better at what you do. Use those times as golden opportunities to learn how to get better and refine your skills. Simply put, there's no easy way to get good at this-practice, practice, practice, is the key. The more you do it, the more charts you study, the more you give your "astrological wits" a workout, the better you'll get at this thing.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be listening to a bit of Moby...



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