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Sir Elton's Big Day

Sir Elton's Big Day

8:00 AM 12/21/05 Wed

Pop Music Legend Sir Elton John, who has appeared on the pop charts worldwide for the better part of 3 decades, will "marry" his longtime male partner today in the United Kingdom, who recently passed "civil union" lesiglation. John will perhaps be the most famous gay person to date who has "married" in this manner.

The UK will now join a number of countries who have passed such laws on their books, the other recent additions being Spain and Canada; if you consider these national charts, you will note the strong incidence of Uranus, usually tied into either the 7th House and/or Venus.

The chart for the UK - commonly accepted as the date of Coronation of, if memory serves, King William, Dec 25 1066 - is officially untimed. Most astrologers simply use the "stand in" time of 12 noon and take it from there. However, if one considers the rectification work of Noel Tyl, we can see why England & Wales would go "the gay way" as well:

England Dec 25 1066, 3.20PM LMT, Westminster; Placidus 2 Can 35, Tyl Rect. NOTE: Tyl's notes in this regard can be found in the book "Predicitions For A New Millennium".

In this option, we can see that Uranus is at 28 Sagittairus - very close to the Aries Point - and conjunct the Dsc/ 7th House cusp, at 2 Cap 35. The Sun and Mercury are both in the 7th, with the ruler of the 7th Saturn, Rx and in Sign of Virgo. And, we can include two other features: Venus, the nation's symbol about its attitudes towards socializing, the Arts and in this case, relationship and marital norms, is at both the Uranus/Pluto and Asc/MC midpoints.

In the radical map, Venus is in the Sign of Aquarius, ruled by Uranus; and it's most interesting that today, transit Venus in the sky is approaching its Retrograde Station, actually turning Rx in a few days time.

In my thoughts on the Gay & Lesbian lifestyle, etc. elsewhere, I've suggested that very often, Venus is placed in certain Signs, Aquarius being among them, regarding such matters.. While this may continue to be a matter of debate with regard to natal horoscopes, it continues to be an interesting phenomenon to witness on the macro, mundane scale.

The following are selected excerpts from a recent essay I wrote on the question of formalizing Gay & Lesbian marriage, its astrological underpinnings and implications, etc.:

"As we astrologers well know, Mundane Astrology is a powerful tool in assessing not only political, economic and weather trends, but so to social trends, and this extends to the marital, relationtional and sexual areas as well, especially since it is these associations between and among human beings that makes up and/or alters a given society for better or worse. Although homosexuality has, according to some historians, anthropologists and sociologists, always been with us, what has been occuring over the past few decades in particular, is the first time since the Greco-Roman Era, that Gay lifestyles have been pushed to be codified in a number of ways, such as Gay Marriage and so on.
In my own personal study of gay and lesbian charts, I've found that often, the Signs Gemini and/or Pisces are involved with the 5th House, and/or Mercury or Neptune; also, Uranus and/or Neptune will play a role, either with the aforementioned planets/Signs/Houses/Rulers, and/or, with Venus and/or Mars."

- Thoughts On The Gay Way, by Mu'Min M. Bey 9:14 PM 10/29/05 Sat

Today's transits with respect to the UK chart is interesting: as noted earlier, transit Venus is in Aquarius and conjunct the national Venus; transit Pluto is within orb of conjunction to the national Uranus; transit Uranus had already gone over the national Pluto in the 10th House, and more.

Considering Sir Elton John's chart (Mar 25 1947 4PM BST, Pinner, England; Placidus 29 Leo 43, Clifford), we see that he too has Venus in Aquarius, with its dispositor Uranus ruling the 7th, and square Mars, also in the 7th, AND in Pisces. Hmm. For his "marriage", transit Uranus is applying conjunction to his 7th House residing Mercury, while the Fixed Grand Cross is activating his Moon in Taurus. In Oct, he had SA Venus=Saturn/Neptune; this month, he has SA Node=Mars (again, keep in mind, Mars is natally in the 7th; this arc then suggests the public nature of his civil union, etc.).
Comparing Sir Elton's chart to that of the land of his birth, we find two interesting contacts relevant to this discussion: his MC conjunct the UK's Neptune, while his Venus squares the national Neptune.


With many of the Western World's nations either legalizing Gay Marriage outright, or at the very least taking steps towards same, the Big Question has to be: will the USA go the same route? This is what I had to say about the matter, from the same essay cited above:

"Then, there's the Uranus-Neptune Conjunction of 1993 (Feb 2 1993 3.05AM EST Washington DC; Placidus 9 Sag 31): the conjunction itself occurs in the 2nd House (national values) and square the Asc ruler Jupiter in the 10th (confusion and alteration of traditional values along these lines for the entire country). Note also that Saturn and Uranus are in Mutual Reception...and Saturn conjuncts Mercury, ruler of the 7th. The Moon is in Gemini in the 7th and Venus is in Pisces at the AP. Also, and I mentioned this in my essay on Mars Rx, Mars in this chart is in Cancer and also Rx! This I feel accounts for a great deal of the sexual confusion on the part of many men in American society, the "downlow" etc. Recall, you didn't hear that phrase prior to 1993; now, it's old hat. Capricorn represents traditional family values, and Uranus-Neptune, as we have seen, plays a huge role in the gay and lesbian lifestyle. Capricorn represents men, too, so again, this conjunction would contribute to a period of confusion accross the board insofar as men are concerned.

The Uranus-Neptune "vibe" would carry over long after the actual conjunction would take place, in the form of the ongoing Mutual Reception between Uranus and Neptune, and this is what I think accounts for the continuing gay/lesbian focus. At the moment Uranus entered 00 Pisces (Uranus-Neptune Mutual Reception Mar 10 2003 3.05PM EST, Washington DC; Placidus 13 Leo 50), Uranus was in the national 7th House with Neptune in the 6th while hugging the 7th cusp, opposing the Asc, and conjunct Venus. Note that Mars is in Capricorn and sextile Uranus from the 5th...and also note that the Sun is in the 8th and in exact sqaure to Pluto in the 5th. This is an event chart that focuses almost exclusively upon sex, marriage, relationships and children, and think about, it - hasn't there been a huge push on the part of the various gay and lesbian lobby groups in these areas? "Alternative Lifetstyles" indeed!

I've said elsewhere that I don't think Gay Marriage will happen here in the USA during Pluto's transit of Capricorn; therefore, if it happens at all, it'll be either before the end of Pluto's sojourn of Sagittarius, or, when Pluto moves into Aquarius. In the latter case, Uranus will have moved out of Pisces, so it's still up in the air as to whether Gay Marriage will ever happen here. Although the country natally has Uranus right on the 7th cusp, it also has a very strong Saturnian vibe to it, with the national Cancerian Sun square Saturn from the 7th. So I'm not sure that GM will happen here regardless of the astrological trend.

At the time Pluto enters Capricorn, Pluto sits at the bottom of the chart, in the 4th House and opposed the MC; this is a classic signal of the party out of power coming to to the forefront in some way, perhaps through landslide elections? Mars is Rx in Gemini and right on the MC over Washington DC; Virgo is rising, with its ruler Mercury tightly conjunct Neptune and both in the national 5th, with Neptune ruling the 7th; and Uranus, ruling the 5th and 6th, is in the 6th. At the very least, the whole hubub over Gay Marriage will have reached a fever pitch by then, which is only a few years away...maybe it will be the meat of much of the debate between whoever the candidates for both parties?

We'll see..."

Indeed, we will...



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