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Jack Abramoff & The So-Called "Culture Of Corruption" - Shari

Jack Abramoff & The So-Called "Culture Of Corruption"

IMPORTANT NOTE: The following is in response to a recent post on the issue by my astro-colleague Shari Niemec. I haven't posted her original letter on the issue, but you can get the gist of what was going on from my response below.

6:56 AM 1/5/06 Thu

Hi Shari, Listers,

Yes, I recall well your "Holy Mackerel" post sometime back and your thoughts regarding Abramoff.

There's no defending his actions in the least: his racism toward Native Americans, his corruption and fraud, you name it. That he was/is an observant Jew, i.e. a religious man just makes it all the more worse. It is wholly appropriate that Abramoff be punished for his crimes.

As you and others well know, there has been much made of the the "culture of corruption" regarding the GOP in recent months; indeed, it is rare to find an astrologer, Shari, that is NOT joining in the "piling on" that is taking place now. From Scooter Libby, to Tom Delay, to Abramoff to the NSA "scandal" and so on, just about every astrologer in the American culture with a computer and a finger, are smacking their lips and salivating at the prospect of the GOP being toppled from power.

But I'm not so sure that will happen; not only that, but, and I think you would agree, that the vast majority of astrologers out there are strongly partisan to the Left, in ways that really makes me question their ability to be astrologically objective and intellectually honest; how many times have I read "analyses" from astrologers regarding Bush and his electoral victories - that he would lose? Kerry was supposed to win hands down, right? So was Gore. Yet Bush beat them both. OK, I can go along with the possibility that he could have gotten over the first time around. But the second time around, Bush won - and, keep in mind, I belong to that so-called "disenfranchised voter" group that some astrologers and other lefties rail on about, that we were kept from voting, hence, the reason why Kerry couldn't win, especially out in Ohio. BS. The reality was, the Kerry did a good job of distancing himself from the key Democratic voting bloc, which is African Americans, handing off the job to the Usual Suspects to do the dirty work for him. He alienated guys like me, who came up in the years AFTER the Civil Rights Movement; he didn't embrace the Puffys, and the Russell Simmons, and the other significant voices from my generation, OPENLY embrace them, for all the world to see. He didn't do that, because he was trying to appeal to the middle class, and we all know what he meant by that, don't we? Unlike the GOP, who proved since Reagan that they could win with minimal to no Black electoral support, the Democrats CAN'T WIN without Black folks. And the whole Civil Rights deal is getting tired. Nobody kept me from voting, as is the case with the vast majority of Black folks accross the country; the deal is, that Kerry just couldn't get the job done, not with Black folks, and not with White suburban soccer moms, either.

And it astrologically showed, too. I wrote an extensive Vedic piece to that effect, it's on my site, check it out. 9 months before the elections of 04.

And please, don't get me started on the Iraq War/War on Terror; I mean, I don't want the facts to get in the way of my astro-colleagues delusions of granduer. Oh, what the heck: the Iraqi people have voted 3 times within the past year, the third time around with maximum support from the most disruptive group, the Sunnis. In Afghanistan, free elections have gone down there as well - and while I'm on that point, let me also point out the fact that the Bush administration has actually done something about the abmyssmal state of affairs regarding women in Afghanistan, by first removing the Taliban from power and second seeing to it that women are involved in the free electoral process. Since so many in our community of astrologers are devout feminists, why aren't they celebrating that? Could it have ANYTHING to do with the fact that they just don't like Bush??? In both countries, reports of violence are on the wane. We know for a fact that Al-Qaeda is a shadow of its former self, still lethal, but much less able to do damage here or anywhere else in the world - even Al-Qaeda's Number Two man, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, said in a letter to Abu Musab Al-Zawqari, that they needed to win in Iraq and to STOP BEHEADING FOLKS. Far from perfect yes, but progress HAS been made. And in both cases, poll after poll clearly indicates that the Iraqi and Afghan peoples want continued US support until they are able to go it alone. Here at home, there has not been any terrorist attack since Sep 11, which tells me, that for all his faults, real or perceived, Bush has to be doing something right. Musharraf of Pakistan risks his life day in and day out in support of the US' War on Terror; so are the leaders of other Islamic nations, such as Turkey, Indonesia, Jordan and Egypt. These are the FACTS, Shari. And it would be nice for those of us on the Left to if nothing else, give credit where it's due.

The reality here, Shari, going back to Abramoff and so on, is that there is BIG MONEY in gov't, we all know that; from the low level civil servant to city level patronage jobs, to the Senate and beyond. Everyone knows that, and guess what - BOTH PARTIES do it. While all the yammering is going on right now regarding the GOP, I don't recall the equal amount of rancor when Rostenkowski and Co. were busted - and he did as much as Abramoff. Indeed, there were all kinds of corruption scandals in the 40-plus years of Democratic Party control of Federal Government. Now, what's my point here? My point is that old phrase about power corrupting, and absolute power courrupting absolutely; and BOTH parties are subject to that corruption.

You're a Jersey Girl; what about McGreevey, and now, Jon Corzine? Heck, we all know that Corzine bought himself a seat on the US Senate, and now has bought a Governorship; that's why Dick Codey couldn't run, because he didn't have the moola (And I'll have more to say about Corzine in due course). And Forrester had big bucks too, and I don't believe for a minute that both men didn't have their hands just a wee bit dirty. And, we can throw in guys like Frank Lautenberg (who has big money too) and Dick "Torch" Torricelli, the latter of whom got caught cold busted and had to step down. Trenton is world reknown for corruption all day, and New Jersey is a stomp-down Democratic State too, so let's get real.

So, please, let's get off this whole "culture of corruption" piece regarding the GOP, OK? It all really sounds like sour grapes - "hatin'" - to me.

Anyway...back to Abramoff's astrology...

Yea, his Western Solarscope really says it all; it's the rare case where you don't even need a birthtime: transit Uranus applying conjunction to his Mercury and Sun, with Uranus ruling the Solar 12th, prison; transit Pluto conjunct his Solar 10th House Saturn, a great loss from power, shame before the world; transit Saturn conjunct Uranus, again Uranus ruling the Solar 12th, getting the kabash put on him. Note too, his natal Venus at the same degree and Sign that Venus was right before it went Rx, AND transit Uranus conjunct the ruler of the Solar 7th. Could be that he loses his wife behind all this too. There's really no need to go to the Solar Arcs or midpoints (although Abramoff's AP=Jupiter/Pluto IS very, very significant and important - big money), the basic transits, again, applied to an untimed Solar chart, says it all.

Parting shot: Bush's 2nd Inaugural Chart features Neptune in the 10th House; this was the case with his 1st inaugural as well, in fact in that case, Neptune was conjunct the Sun, and this accounted for what many suspected was the dubious nature of his first election. Anyway, with Neptune in the 10th House here, we can expect more secrets being outed, as well as more scandals coming to light in one way or the other. Neptune rules the 12th, and sextile Mars which co-rules the same. So there could be more stuff coming out about how Bush & Co. are fighting the War on Terror. Personally, I think what the NYT and other media outlets are doing is injurious to the nation in the longrun.

But that's another story.

Holla back!



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