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The Eliot Spitzer Sex Scandal: A Lesson In Sexual Astrology

The Eliot Spitzer Sex Scandal: A Lesson In Sexual Astrology,

3:27 AM 03/16/2008 Sun

The past week saw shocking revelations that New York Governor and former State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, dubbed "Mr. Clean" and the "Sherrif of Wall Street" for his beyond-reproachable character and relentless pursuit of malfeasence in the business world - and who was responsible for shutting down several prostitution rings himself - was involved at the highest levels of a prostitution ring that was international in scope. Within days of the announcement made on Mon Mar 10 2008, Spitzer would resign his post as governor and now faces a slew of federal law violations, including money laundering (also known as "structuring") and conspiring to transport a prostitute accross state lines (the Mann Act, 1910). These events puts Spitzer in the same camp as Clinton, Vitter, McGreevey and Foley, all politicians who also fell from grace due to their sexual pecadilloes. And as the current investigation into Spitzer's sexual dealings continues to unfold, the whole case presents an excellent opportunity to teach astrologers the importance of Sexual Astrology in our work, since Synastry - the astrology of love, romance, relationships, marriage and sex - is arguably the most popular branch of our craft. Yet, Sexual Astrology seems to get short shrift by so many of us. The Spitzer scandal shows all of us, that we need to pay much more attention to this area of our Art, and this article will attempt to demonstrate exactly how we should do just that.

Monday Announcement
On Monday afternoon, Mar 10 2008, the news broke that Spitzer was involved in a prostitution ring. I got word of this around 3PM and while I didn't have my notebook with me at the time, I always make it a note to commit to memory the transit positions before heading out for my day. Along with this, an intimate understanding of astrology and other means, I was able to get a pretty good handle on the situation (for more about this, please see my article "Jason Bourne-Style Astrology", found at

The Moon (ruling Monday) would have just moved into the Tropical Zodiac Sign of Taurus, its exaltation - a high priced woman - and the Sun was only a few degrees out from exact conjunction with Uranus. Since the Sun represents all people in power, and Uranus represents sudden or shocking events, these few details alone alerted me to the strong possibility that Spitzer could be forced to step down as more information came to light. Several days later, he did just that, in a brief announcement made with his wife, Silda Wall Spitzer by his side.

What's also interesting to note on that fateful day, Mon Mar 10 2008, is that several Sexual Aspects were forming - Venus was applying trine to Mars and sextile to Pluto, while the Mars-Pluto opposition was just beginning to break up, but still with range of orb. Therefore, all three of the Sexual Planets were in aspect to each other on the day of the announcement of Spitzer's wrongdoing. But we're getting ahead of ourselves a bit. First, we need to clearly understand, exactly what Sexual Aspects are, and the role they play in the lives of men and women.

What Are "Sexual Aspects"?
In their book written on the topics of Love, Money and Sex, the Magi Society, a team of astrologers based in New York City, lays out the results of their extensive researches into the astrology of these three matters, and concludes that there are a distinct catergory of planetary configurations that speak specifically to high degrees of sexual activity, interest and capacity. They note that Venus, Mars and Pluto are the "Sexual Planets" and that any aspect formed between any two is deemed a "Sexual Aspect". People having such aspects are inherently more inclined toward greater degrees of sexual behavior than the average person in society.

But they go further, noting that when all three Sexual Planets align to form aspects to each other in some way, a "Super Sexual Aspect" is formed, making the native a force to be reckoned with, and will definitely manifest high degrees of sexual behavior. But wait - there's even more...
The Magis also assert that their research points to marked differences in the way men and women respond to said aspects. In the case of men, the aforementioned planets, plus Uranus, inclines them towards higher than average sexual activity and interest, whereas for women, only pairings involving Venus-Mars or Venus-Pluto do the trick (yes, its biologically true and astrologically confirmed - men are more hornier than women, on average!); Mars-Uranus or Mars-Pluto, in and of themselves, do not. The strongest of these aspects for each gender, are Mars-Pluto for men, and Venus-Pluto for women, respectively, and men and women who have these aspects are really to be watched out for in terms of their sexual capacity.

In my own researches on the Magis' work, I have to say that they are definitely on to something there!-and gives us astrologers a powerful tool in our synastry work. With it we can properly align couples in a way that minimizes infidelity and marital unhappiness and strife, something that quite a few couples that have come before the public could have definitely made use of. The Spitzers are an excellent case in point.

Eliot & Silda Spitzer - A Prima Facie Sexual Mismatch
As soon as the birthdates of the Spitzers became available it was very easy to see why Eliot stepped out on his wife - and we can be sure that what we found out wasn't the first time. Eliot Spitzer was born on Jun 10 1959 in New York City NY; Silda Wall Spitzer was born on Dec 10 1957 in Chapel Hill NC, according to Wikipedia. No birthtimes are yet known, but the birthdates give us all the info we need to know about just how badly matched they were sexually.

Why do I say that? Just take a glance at Eliot's Solarscope, and note the triple conjunction of the Moon, Venus and Mars, all in Leo. Now, compare that to Silda's Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Scorpio, which is not in aspect with the former, and neither is Pluto - one clearly has strong Sexual Aspects present in his astrology, while the other, the wife Silda, clearly does not. This alone is enough to tell us what we need. But a bit more explanation is in order here.

It has been my personal experience that Sagittarius women are not exactly the most highly sexed women around, on average. The men of this Sign definitely seem to be, but not so much the women. My own reason for why this is lies in the Venus situation when the Sun passes through Sagittarius - as we all know, Venus can never be more than 72 degrees away from the Sun, or, in astrological terms, Venus can never be more than three Signs away from the Sun, in either direction. Therefore, for a Sagittarius Sun birth, Venus can either be in Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn or Aquarius. Only two of these Signs are inherently sexual, Libra and Scorpio (and note how both are ruled by one of the Sexual Planets), and thus perhaps explains my observations over the years. Another potential piece of the puzzle is that when Venus is in Aquarius or Capricorn, both Male Signs and ruled by Uranus in one case, and is the exaltation Sign of Mars in another, perhaps again we can see why Sagittarian males seem to be more sexually inclined than the females of this Sign, again on average. In and of itself, I have not observed females with Venus in Aquarius or Capricorn to be very sexually inclined.

When we pair a Sagittarius female with a Gemini male, things get even more dicey. Why? Because for a Gemini birth, Venus can be in one of five Signs - Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer or Leo. Again, the first two Signs are ruled by Sexual Planets, Gemini craves variety and Leo being a Fire Sign, craves excitement, daring and demonstrable overt displays of affection and sexuality. When the birth is that of a Gemini male, the inherent male desire for sexual variety is increased due to the core Gemini energy for diversity and variety, made even more strengthened in the sexual arena by the Sign placements of Venus already mentioned. This makes a Sagittarian female/Gemini male union very difficult, unless horoscopic conditions are such that the female has balancing Sexual Aspects in evidence in her chart to offset his. This was not the case in the Spitzer astrology. And it shows.

We've seen sexual mismatches before - Prince Charles had Sexual Aspects in abundance while Princess Diana did not; Charles had a longstanding affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, an older woman who did indeed have very strong Sexual Aspects. Everyone knows Bill Clinton's voracious sexual appetite and is easily shown in his astrology, yet Hillary Clinton barely registers as sexual in that regard - but Monica Lewinsky and for that matter, Gennifer Flowers certainly did. Even in the case of Martin Luther King and his wife and widow, Coretta Scott King, the sexual mismatch was in evidence - and the proof of this was seen in King's documented and numerous trysts, courtesy of the J. Edgar Hoover era FBI wiretaps.

So, why does it seem that so many men have this "problem" and not so many women? A very good question, and deserves a section all by itself to explain...

Astrology, Plus Biology, Trumps Ideology
In our age of Political Correctness and Egalitarianism, we are taught and led to believe that all people are equal no matter what the attendant circumstances were or are surrounding them. No more is this true than in the Sexual and Gender Politics arena, where for the past four decades or so, the West and America in particular has been spoonfed steady and hefty doses of ideological formula that obstensibly serves to equalize the sexes, when in truth all it does is provide for more confusion, bewilderment and unhappiness. For all of the "re-education" that has taken place, the fact remains that men and women respond to sexual things in vastly different ways, and despite howls of sexism and misogyny, recent medical science has confirmed some things: one of them, is that men are much more sexually inclined, on average, than are women. There are evolutionary reasons for why this is so, and if so inclined the reader can easily look these up on the Internet. Our point in this discussion is to note that Astrology, in its best light, is not to present the world as we would like it to be, but to reflect the world as it really is. Doing this gives us all a clearer understanding of ourselves and others, and better prepares us to deal with life on its own terms.

So, if men are "hardwired" to want sex more than the average woman, astrologically this has to be explained, hence the Sexual Aspects in general, and Male Super Sexual Aspects in particular, Mars-Uranus and Mars-Pluto. For women, there is only the Venus-Mars and Venus-Pluto aspects, the latter being the Female Super Sexual Aspect. And since among all the aforementioned planets, only Venus is Female in orientation, this again makes sense as to why, in astrological terms, men are more sexually inclined than women, again on average. There are always exceptions. The following case is one of those glaring exceptions...

Ashley Alexandra Dupre' & The Female Super Sexual Aspect
In the days following the announcement of Eliot Spitzer's involvement with an outfit called the Emperor's Club VIP (a fitting name given Spitzer's stellium in Leo if there ever was one!), the name and background of his favorite call girl became known to the world - her name, would be Ashley Alexandra Dupre' orignally Ashley Yousman, of Monmouth County NJ, and while working for Emperor's Club VIP, was known as "Kristen". An aspiring singer looking to make her fortunes in New York City, Dupre' told a tale of familial abuse and escaping said abuse at the age of 17. Within the past few days, she has made an estimated million dollars due to the many downloads of her demo songs, and is primed to make even more in the days and weeks ahead; Larry Flint has offered big money to her if she bares all in his Hustler magazine, and there is talk of a book and movie deal. But exactly who is Ashley, and are the Sexual Aspects mentioned above at work in her astrology? Read on...

Ashley Alexandra Dupre' was born on Jun 24 1985, according to the research work of astrologer, teacher and writer Robert P. Blaschke. The birthdate reveals a number of interesting details; for example, her Cancer Sun is exactly opposed Neptune in Capricorn, a tell-tale signal of things not being as they seem (and is most interesting to note in light of the Monday Mar 10 2008 Spitzer Sex Scandal announcement Moon position - Moon rules Monday and is exalted in Taurus, therefore the Sign Cancer, ruled by the Moon, could be indicated in the then-unknown woman's astrology. Dupre' is a Cancer Sun - witness the photo of a busty Ashley in a white bikini - the color white is also ruled by the Moon). Indeed, only a few days after her self-professed tale of abuse and running away from home was broadcast to the world, an indepth special report done by MSNBC this weekend reveals that Dupre' grew up in a well-adjusted upper middle class home of a mother and a stepfather, who worked as an oral surgeon; Dupre' left home of her own accord to live with her biological father in the South, then left again to seek fame and stardom as a singer. These truths dispel any notions promulgated by certain special interest feminist groups, that Dupre' and other high-profile, high earning women are somehow being put upon, forced into sexual slavery and the like (and for the record, I don't deny in the least that there ARE sex slaves, and low level hookers in existence; but we must make the distinction between them and the Ashleys of the world); if "opression" is what Ashley and others like her have faced, we all should be so lucky to earn $1000-plus an hour for such "opression"!

The truth of the matter is that Ashley Dupre' became a high-post call girl because she wanted to; the astrology proves it. She was born with Venus in Taurus, and Pluto in Scorpio - two of the Sexual Planets in their Dignity by Sign. But there's more.

According to German astrologer Thomas Ring, and re-discovered by American astrologer Noel Tyl, the Quindecile aspect, 165 degrees, is one that connotes obsession, compulsion and upheaval, more specifically related to the planets, signs and houses involved. In our case with Ms. Dupre', we can see that Venus is quindecile Pluto - an obsession with all that these planets represents, among them being a deep craving for sex, and another being a strong desire to live the good life.

On Geraldo Rivera's program "Geraldo at Large", which aired this Saturday night on the Fox News Channel, he had on as a guest Jason Itzler, a former self-professed "pimp" who himself was shutdown by Spitzer in his days as New York's Attorney General. One of the girls in his stable, was Ashley Alexandra Dupre'. When asked what she was like as a person, Itzler reported that she was very nice and congenial (Cancer Sun, Moon in Virgo), but loved sex and loved to spend money - in his words, "she spent money like a champ" - and this is on his personal eyewitness account of having been out shopping with Dupre'. When asked as to how often Dupre' worked while a part of his organization, he reported that she had at least 60 appointments a month, and as many as 80-in a 30-day month, assuming she worked 7 days a week, that's at least two appointments a day. Keep in mind now, Dupre' has the Moon in workhorse Virgo, along with the aforementioned Female Super Sexual Aspect of Venus quindecile Pluto! He vehemently shoots down any notions of girls being forced to be high profile call girls - they want to be there, they love the sex and they love the money, he insists. He ought to know.

In their book Love, Sex and Money, the Magis assert that women with a Female Super Sexual Aspect - like that which Dupre' has - aren't above sleeping their way to the top, or to put it another way, using what they got, to get what they want. We've seen it all too many times - Madonna had no problem at all using sex to sell her music, neither did Jennifer Lopez or Brittney Spears. All of these women have Venus-Pluto aspects. And of all the charts of porn stars and sex workers in my database - now totaling about 400 - the really "hot to trot" ones are those who have Venus-Pluto aspects, roughly one third of them. You can be certain, that the really well known porn stars and the like, have such aspects operative in their birthcharts.
When comparing the sexual synastry between Dupre' and Spitzer, one sees right away her Pluto, again dignified in Scorpio, squaring Spitzer's Leo planets, and important for our discussion, his Venus-Mars conjunction in Leo specifically. This creates a super-strong sexual linkage, especially for Spitzer - he couldn't get enough of her. And at $4000US-plus a pop (pun intended), you can best believe, that Ashley had no problem with Spitzer being a repeat client!
Which brings me to yet another point - Venus and Pluto are among the Money Planets of Astrology. When they combine, a higher than average interest in money is indicated in the chart. Women with such aspects are much, much more inclined to be money conscious and aware than the average woman, and again, are not above sleeping their way to the top to get it.

Enter The Astrologer
So, what do we do when an estimated two thirds of all men, and only roughly one third of all women, have Sexual Aspects? Counseling, this astrologer says, and lots of it.

I firmly believe that any couple who is contemplating marriage or even a longstanding relationship should consult at least one astrologer to discuss their charts with. Doing so can help the couple better understand each other's needs and desires, their quirks and not so pretty sides, and gives each partner in the situation an option - is this something they can, or would want to, deal with for say, the next 20 years of their lives? Can they handle that? As noted so many times before in so many ways, and is repeated above, biology trumps all else ultimately. What is supressed or repressed will eventually come out, as it did in the case of the Spitzers, and as it has in so many other cases we've seen - and when it does, it will not be pretty. Here's what such a pre-marriage astrological couseling session with Eliot and Silda, might have sounded like, more than 20 years ago:

"Silda, there is no question that you seem to love Eliot very much. But I have to be candid with you - and inform you that according to all that I have studied in astrology, you and he are likely to have problems in the sexual areas of your union, should you two decide to go ahead with the marriage. Eliot has strong sexual needs, that calls for daring, audaciousness and overt shows of affection and adoration. His needs for sex of this sort will be frequent, and YOU NEED TO LOOK GOOD FOR HIM, which can in itself be demanding for any woman, let alone one such as yourself (her lack of Sexual Aspects). Because of the lack of the aforementioned aspects in your chart in relation to his, after the initial blush of romance and the honeymoon, your joint sexual life will begin to wane. This will not be so much of a problem for you (Venus in Aquarius exactly square Neptune in Scorpio, supression of the sex drive, potential for delusion), but it will be for Eliot. And because of his tendency to gloss things over or to keep things to himself (Neptune in Scorpio square the Leo cluster) he might give the appearance of being OK too with life after the honeymoon. Trust me, he won't. It will manifest in other ways - ways that could wind up hurting you and the family you hope to have together. Now is the time to have two conversations - one with Eliot, and one with yourself. You must ask Eliot to be honest - brutally honest - about his sexual self. And you need to ask yourself, simply put, if you are up to the job over the say, the next 20 years or so."

"Eliot, Silda is no doubt a very good woman - I'm reminded of Proverbs here, and the verses about a "virtuous woman" - as she will make an excellent wife insofar as being supportive of your career, nuturing and a great mother is concerned (Cancer Moon); moreover, she will stick by you through thick and thin, with a high moral sense and keen judgment (Sun conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius, disposed by Jupiter in Libra). However Eliot, I have to say two things. First, you may find that she isn't the sexual sparkplug that you think she is now...maybe you already have come to such a conclusion, and see her as an important asset to you in your ambitions (Leo stellium). Whatever the case, the bottomline here is that Silda does not have the same capacity or interest in sex as you have. This is bound to create problems in the marriage, especially after the children come along and she focuses all her attention on them; she can't help it, she has a very strong maternal streak (Cancer Moon), and it's not meant to intentionally snub you, but the effect is likely to be there nonetheless. Second, Eliot...I don't think you've been completely honest with Silda about your sexual self. And because men tend to have a greater interest in sex than do women on average, the responsibility falls to men to be candid with the women in their lives, to tell them the truth about themselves, and then to stand back and allow the ladies to make a choice. If you love Silda Eliot, you owe it to her to tell her everything about yourself, and then to give her the right to choose."

Who knows how things would have turned out had the Spitzers had such a visit with an astrologer prior to jumping the broom - but if nothing else, they would have had the information crucial to making an informed decision about their lives. The most important decision any one of us can make.

A Final Word About The National View
The Spitzer Sex Scandal breaks at a crucial time in American history, when Pluto in its transit has just entered Capricorn for the first time in nearly 250 years, returning to its "birthplace" in the American horoscope which is Capricorn. In astrology, planetary returns are times to take stock of where one is in life; where we've been, where are now, and where we want to be in the times ahead. Politically, we are in groundbreaking times, with a woman and an African American running for the highest office not just in the land, but arguably the world, and against this backdrop, with this scandal, another groundbreaking of sorts is taking place.

The world's oldest profession has, along with everything else, changed with the times; Emperor Club VIP is just the tip of the iceberg, as was the DC and Hollywood Madames, and by all accounts, are only getting bigger in scope, influence and earnings. As Pluto moves ever closer to squaring the USA MC and opposing the USA Venus in Cancer, sitting in the 7th house, we can expect more and more public discussion of whether to expand the legalized prostitution that currently obtains in Nevada (a Scorpio state LOL!) nationwide. Others will want to revisit the idea of Open Marriages and Polyamory. Some will argue for a wholesale dumping of Marriage as an institution, on the grounds that monogamy is a biological impossibility. And still others will argue for a "return to Normalcy", suggesting that the root of American infidelities lies not in "opening up" marriage, but redeeming it from a multi-decades long slide into the moral abyss. These and other arguments will be advanced by all sectors of American polity, Left, Right and Center, and for my part, I tend to side with the old fuddie duddies, LOL. But no matter what side you come down on, know this - that Astrology has proven itself, time and again, down through the centuries, to be the singlebest tool for understanding oneself and others, known to Man. If we keep this truth foremost in our minds, we as astrologers will be always able to help people make better choices - one way or the other - about their lives.

Responsible comment and reply, invited.



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