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The Astrology Of Planned Parenthood

The Astrology Of Planned Parenthood

11:52 PM 04/26/2008 Sat

Fox News Channel has been airing a series of reports that Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest provider of family planning services to women, is patently racist in its practices, with the bulk of its offices placed in inner city environments. A team of college students had called a series of Planned Parenthood offices posing as donors. In one taped conversation in particular, a student, again posing as a donor, specifically requests that his donation be earmarked for use with African American women, because, he states in the phone call, he doesn't want his kids to have to compete with Black kids who will most likely make use of Affirmative Action laws. "The fewer Black kids the better", he says, and on the receiving end of the call, a higher up in the Planned Parenthood organization, chuckles and says "Understandable", and assures him that such a donation can be made, with promises of it being used in that way.

After these and other taped phone conversations were aired on Fox News, Planned Parenthood sent out written press statements saying that personnell involved in the phonecalls were reprimanded, but refused to be interviewed by Fox News reporters.

If it's one thing in American Politics that's more explosive than Race, its Abortion, and here the two intertwine in a way that is troubling. The astrological ties are just as striking.

Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, seen by many as one of the most important figures in the Women's Movement. A tireless supporter of birth control and seeing that women have the power to decide when, if ever, they have babies, Sanger was arrested numerous times for her advocacy in this regard. According to the Astrodatabank, Sanger was born on Sep 14 1879 2.30AM LMT at Corning NY; Placidus 13 Leo 43. Her chart does indeed reflect her interests as an activist and advocate - the Leo Moon rises in the Asc, and squares a Mars-Pluto conjunction in Taurus in the 10th; the Virgo Sun also trines this same conjunction.

But its also been noted that Sanger was a virulent racist, who supported eugenics-based ideas to limit or prevent the breeding of "undesirables" in American society, namely those of African descent. Her meeting with the Women's Auxillary of the Ku Klux Klan is the stuff of legend, and gives much fuel to the fires of many African American and other pro-life supporters that Sanger, and by extension Planned Parenthood, has but one major goal, the decimation, if not outright genocide, of African Americans.

It should be noted that, per capita, it has been reported that African American women have a higher abortion rate than White women of same age, and again, that there are more Planned Parenthood offices located in areas where large numbers of African Americans live.

The 9th house governs all matters related to Race, one's attitude and outlook on these fronts. A difficult 9th house is often seen in the charts of those who hold bigoted or racist views. When we inspect Sanger's chart in this regard, we find that she had Saturn in its fall in Aries and Rx, Peregrine (Tyl), unaspected in the horoscope! This means that since it is not connected into the rest of the chart, it "acts out" much like a bucking bronco; it is the tail that wags the dog.


Saturn's dispositor is Mars, itself classically detrimented by being in Taurus, and conjunct Pluto; as noted earlier, they both square the all-important Moon position in Leo. Often, the charts of racists and bigots have either planets in the 9th and/or their rulers under stress in the form of hard aspects, etc. Clearly, the astrological evidence in regard to Sanger's views racially are quite substantial.

Sanger founded the first ever family planning and birth control clinic on Oct 16 1916, in Brooklyn NY; from there, she would form another wider organization, and finally, Planned Parenthood. It is this date in my view, that the astrologer can use to gain a greater insight into Planned Parenthood as we know it today.

Setting the chart for Noon at Brooklyn, with an Asc of 19 Sag 26, we find several key astro-signatures befitting the organization's purpose: the waning Moon in late Gemini is both declinationally out of bounds, and at the Mars=Saturn midpoint!!! In my survey of the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision, which granted women in the United States the right to Abortions, I noted a similar configuration:

"The Roe v. Wade decision came down on Jan 22, 1973 in Washington DC, according to a Google internet search. No time is known, so the time I used is set for Noon (Plac 16 Tau 24). In that map, Venus rules the Asc and is placed in the 9th Peregrine (unaspected, dominating the horoscope in terms of its symbolism - clearly, this represents women) with Jupiter in the 9th (Supreme Court) square Uranus in Libra in the 6th (Jupiter-Uranus anything connotes technology, in this case, reproductive techology; this period also saw, among other things, "The Pill", etc.; The Uranus-in-Libra period saw massive upheavals in the American social, marital and particularly familial fabric that we are only now beginning to comprehend), and, the event is defined in the main by the t-square of Moon-Mars-Saturn, the Moon in the 5th, square the Mars-Saturn axis. This aspect, then - Moon=Mars/Saturn - is the abortion signature in astrological terms. The Moon is in the universal Sign of Health matters, Virgo, and classically, the Moon in Virgo was not considered a particularly fertile Sign. The Mars-Saturn emphasis suggests "matters of death", and abortion is indeed the willful termination of a pregnancy."

The Astrology of Roe v. Wade: Three Decades Later Jan 23 2005 entry,

Clearly, the Moon represents fecundity and birthing, infants and babies; its condition in the chart of a woman will give strong clues as to her ability to and approach toward, being a mother. Classically, the Sign Gemini is not favorable in this regard, and this is the Sign position of the Planned Parenthood Moon in late Gemini.

Also of note in the Planned Parenthood astrology, is the Venus position in Virgo, its fall, and ruling the 5th house - children. Virgo is considered one of the worst Signs insofar as fertility is concerned, and we have to note an ominous pattern repeating itself here - Venus is Peregrine (Tyl) and placed in the 9th house!!!-mirroring Sanger's runaway Saturn, also fallen, in her 9th. And, please note the ruler of the 9th, Mercury, in Mututal Reception with Venus, and also square Pluto, the planet of reproduction, big business, big politics, and Race. Its also interesting to note that the PP Uranus position is opposed Sanger's Asc; Jupiter, ruler of PP's Sag Asc sits atop her MC; and PP's Mars opposes Sanger's Mars and Pluto, squaring her Leo Moon. Also of note for Planned Parenthood: AP=Moon/Pluto and Mars=Venus/Uranus - and the fact that, as of fiscal year ending 2006, Planned Parenthood received some $300MIL in government money.

As mentioned earlier, African American women have a higher rate of abortions than their White counterparts; when we consider the astrology of Black America, predicated on the horoscopic beginning when the first African slaves were offloaded at Jamestown on Aug 30 1619 at 10.15AM LMT, astrology comes through yet again in confirming what is widely believed and reported. Please note the strong Moon-Pluto conjunction in Taurus in the Black America chart, with both opposed Mars in Scorpio, rising in the Scorpio Asc! Neptune is ruler of the Black America 5th house, its birthrate and parenting approach, and here we can see it on the cusp of the 12th house, while also sextile the 12th's ruler, Venus, at the apex of the chart and square the Moon/Pluto-Mars axis. Please note the following midpoint picture in the Black America that is highly pertinent for this discussion: Moon+Mars=Saturn/Neptune!

Turning now to the synastric ties between Planned Parenthood and Black America, we find many, many strong connections, only a few of which I will mention here. PP's Asc opposes BA's Saturn; PP's MC conjuncts BA's Neptune; PP's Jupiter, and keep in mind please, is its Asc ruler, is opposed BA's Asc (and in the same Sign as Black America's Asc ruler, Taurus - MONEY; again, it receives more than 300 million in gov't aid); PP's Venus sits on BA's Sun; PP's Uranus opposes BA's Venus and squares the BA Moon/Pluto-Mars axis, and much, much more. It seems that the charges levelled against Planned Parenthood mentioned above, has astrological legs.

With the 2008 Presidential campaign now coming down to the wire, with both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both being strong supporters of "a woman's right to choose" this issue looks to explode all over the place, as it deepens the polarities between two of America's two principal special interest groups - (White) Women, and African Americans. How is this likely to play itself out?

Going back to Planned Parenthood's chart, we note that the story about the phonecalls and the like broke on Fox News this month; in the ephemeris we can see that transit Uranus has just passed square to the PP Asc, and as transit Neptune sits on Planned Parenthood's Sun/Moon midpoint(!) - a vivid witness of the scandal that envelopes the nation's premiere abortion provider. And, later this year, just in time for an October Surprise, transit Saturn moves to square the Planned Parenthood Asc at the same time transit Uranus makes its second pass in square to that same Asc.

Prediction: Look for more headlines regarding Planned Parenthood, especially from Labor Day on through the rest of the Fall, highlighting the Presidential General Elections. Whoever emerges as the nominee on the Democratic side will be pressed to answer to charges of deepseated racism on the part of Planned Parenthood, and how they can justify its high government financial support. Expect more protests along these lines, by a coalition of Black activists, pro-life religious groups, and Conservative politicians, which are likely to be quite boisterous. As Saturn rules the 2nd house in the Planned Parenthood chart and holding its Uranus, we can expect the support its getting to be the primary target.



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