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Chi-Town: 21st Century War Zone

Chi-Town: 21st Century War Zone

10:20 PM 04/26/2008 Sat

The nation's Windy City has been wracked with unbelievable levels of gun and gang related violence recently; so much so, that Chicago's Police Department has been issued M4 carbine assault rifles - the same weapons used by SWAT teams and the US Marines. In just the past week alone, some FOURTY shootings have occured, leaving a dozen dead. In the past year, upwards of 60 students have been killed.

According to Wikipedia, the City of Chicago was incorporated on Mar 4 1837. Using a noontime mark, we get an Asc of 4 Can 38, the Sun at 14 Pis 00 and the Moon at 14 Aquarius 44. The Asc Sign gives us a strong clue as to what ails the Windy City.

For this Sign, Cancer, is the place where Mars has been spending an inordinate amount of time, entering its Fall in Oct of last year, turning retrograde in motion toward the end of that year (2007), and re-entering Cancer again last month, immediately opposing Pluto in Capricorn. At present Mars continues its sojourn of Cancer at 23 degrees, and will finally conclude its transit next month. Mars, representing both guns and young men, has been "living" in Chicago's 1st house for more than six months. And as we astrologers know well, anything in a chart's 1st house is always an "upfront" concern.

It's also interesting to note, that in the Chicago horoscope, Mars is conjunct Jupiter, both in Leo and both Rx. Getting away with murder, bigtime.

Checking the Windy City's Solar Arcs for this year, we find SA Sun=Pluto exact in June, and SA Mars=Sun/Uranus, exact in August. Transit Mars will be moving through Chicago's natal Mars location, Leo. It is an augury of a long, hot Summer indeed.

While a beefed-up police department grapples with an out of control homicide rate, theories abound as to the source of the city's problems; where is all this crime coming from?

Social science academics, community organizers, activists and clergy all seem to agree, that the mammoth highrise housing projects, like the imfamous Cabrini Green, which both housed the vicious gangs and isolated them and thousands of the city's African American population, has now been unleashed on the South and West sides of the city in the months since their demolition. Columbia sociologist Sudhir Ventakash writes eloquently about the complex and often deadly gang networks in Chicago's highrise project culture, in his book Gangleader For A Day. Voices on all sides note that these events, coupled with chronically high unemployment, poor performing schools and Third World living conditions all add up to an attitude of despair and a kind of case-hardened bitterness - all of the ingredients one needs to make a gang of very angry young men. Even killers.

According to the Wikipedia entry, Chicago's had to contend with high crime rates several times in its history, and gives us astrologers material with which to track cycles astrologically.

For example, in 1974, with a city population of more than three million people, Chicago's homicide rate was 970, or 29 per 100,000 people. Checking our ephemeris for that year, we note that Mars and Saturn were forming a conjunction in early Cancer in May, while both square Pluto; the former conjunction was sitting precisely on the noontime Asc for the Windy City, while Pluto square the same. SA Saturn=Moon Jan 74, SA Sun=Mars/Pluto Jan 74, SA MC=Neptune Feb 74, SA Moon=Mars/Saturn Aug 74.

Another major crime wave hit Chi-Town in 1992, with 943 murdered, or 34 per 100,000 Chicagoans. This period of time is like a dog whistle to astrologers, for it was this time that the epic Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn was forming in the heavens, at the same time that Mars was once again in Cancer - and just like now, it was spending a good bit of time there, due to its being Rx. In Chicago's chart, Pluto is at 14 Aries and thus was squared by transit Uranus at the same time transit Mars squared it as well, in the Fall of that year in particular. Transit Saturn was going over the Chicago Moon and building up its square to the city's natal Saturn position at 17 Scorpio - the city authorities and administration. Please note that this position is also Rx (this, along with the Sign position of Saturn, suggests a high degree of corruption, "pay to play", etc.). Checking the Solar Arcs for that year, we find SA Neptune=Mars/Pluto in Jan, and SA Pluto=Moon in Feb.

So, we find a recurring pattern of violence and death for the Windy City - Mars, Saturn and Pluto are clearly involved, along with Neptune, underworld activity. The Noontime Asc of 4 Cancer seems to be responsive to transits, and, most importantly, Mars' transit of Cancer seems to play an important role in this city's ebb and flow with regard to its crime levels.

Knowing all of this, we can then project ahead into the near future for Chicago along homicidal lines...

Prediction: Chicago's Crime Wave Escalates Over Next Two Years
With an established astro-pattern of crime and violence for Chicago, the short term future for the city does not look bright. Beginning in the Fall of 2009 we can expect the crime rate to rise, yet again in the Windy City, as transit Mars enters Cancer yet again, conjuncting the Chicago noontime Asc, at the same time that transit Pluto has been moving in and out of orb range in opposition to that same all-important Asc Sign and degree. SA Mars=MC Dec 2009, while transit Mars in Leo, slowing down to prepare to go Rx, squares Chicago's Saturn.

Then, beginning in Jan of 2010 and continuing throughout the first half of the year, we note that transit Saturn will square, and transit Pluto will oppose, the Chicago Asc, while transit Mars, now Rx in Leo, moves to square the city's Saturn and oppose the city's Moon, in Jan and again in May of that year. The key period may very well be Apr-Jun 2010, when SA Pluto=Saturn comes into focus. The city administration will be stretched to its limits in its efforts to stem the tide of murder and mayhem on the Windy City's streets.

We'll see.



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